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    Why isn't there mobile support anymore?

    It's hard to get a good computer, it can be expensive but what makes mobile user's stupid?
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    Guys Nathanial Bandy's channel got hacked

    Let's just hope he gets back in three days after his channel got recover.
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    Guys Nathanial Bandy's channel got hacked

    Wait, really? Oh my gosh I feel so bad for him. 1648397549 I can't find his channel, this is bad really really bad.
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    I got scared by guava juice and it was kind of a scary experience on night time, oOoOO, Very Scary.
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    Favorite FNF Song ?

    Mine favorite one's is Too slow, Triple Trouble, Omnipresent (Fleetway part) No Villians, Taste for Blood, I Hate You and the Too Fest one.
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    Modern Sonic V5.12

    It's funny that people want Modern Sonic to have a Spindash, this is an actual moveset of the boost formula.
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    Adventure Sonic (v1.4b)

    Final demo
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    Super Mario Bros.

    You're right, I played too many sonic games
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    Super Mario Bros.

    Oh thank you, that's the most confusing thing i heard about.
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    Super Mario Bros.

    Hello guys, how to do a long jump? it's a short question of course.
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    Adventure Sonic (v1.4b)

    Of to a great start
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    Adventure Sonic (v1.4b)

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    Adventure Sonic (v1.4b)

    Feels like i'm playing a SADX Mod but it really isn't
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    Archie Sonic In Srb2: The Journey

    Good luck though, I hope this turns out good!
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    Extra Life

    Extra Life infinite deaths.