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    Your opinion on Tablets?

    I had been wanting to discuss this for a while now. Here's the thing; most of the electronics nowdays originally had a basic purpose which in one way or another, helped people be more productive (computers, phones, etc). I never really saw a purpose for Tablets, but since Apple started making...
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    Lesser-known video games that are on par with their mainstream counterparts

    (I hope this doesn't end up mistaken for a Forum game) Well, the idea of this topic is to tell your preferences on a lesser-popular video game series that equal bigger, more cliché and mainstream titles: You say Mario, I say Sonic. You say Final Fantasy, I say Eternal Eyes. You say Street...
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    Sonic Reused/Remade Tracks

    With Sonic Generations and Sonic's 20th Birthday I thought it'd be fitting to have a topic like this, compilating the songs that were put once again in other games, with slight or total modifications, here's all I've found so far: Sonic 2 GG - Green Hills...
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    Sonic items/wear "backstory"?

    Well, these doubts've been buzzing on my head for quite some time. Better read some of the conclusions below for better understanding: Sonic's Shoes: While in the series, he is known as the "world's fastest hedgehog", it is never made clear if the speed comes from himself or from the shoes our...
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    Sonic 2, Total 3D Remake!

    To keep it short, it seems that Sonic is receiving a heck of a nice 20th Birthday present, but not from SEGA, but from the fans themselves, it is not a lazy-ass work, but a big project that is being worked on, and to be honest, I would pay Sonic 4´s price for this game. But what is the game...
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    Unusual Internet Stories/Content

    Topic title´s "Unusual" not to say "Creepy" as some people may thing they are creepy and some not, well, this topic is to discuss and post some videos/images that are floating around, here are some of the most interesting I found: Youtube Username 666: There is a controversial video on Youtube...
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    SRB2 Tracks into MIDIS (Bonus or Glitch?)

    Well, I don´t think I need to explain the story on how I found this, so I´ll go straight to the point: If you toggle the "Digital Sound" option off, while "MIDI" is on, the normal SRB2 tracks become MIDIs, nearly all of them, and you can play the game having MIDI versions of each track. I´m not...
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    What´s under your tree this Christmas?

    It´s already December 24 at night, and at some parts of the Globe, it´s already 25, so I wanna know what YOU guys got this time, will be seeing you after midnight.
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    How to change Microsoft XP Icons?

    Yeah well, since I started playing Skulltag online and downloading a new version of it, most of my computer´s icons have turned into that ugly-ass Skull face, and it´s really annoying, so I was wondering if there was a way to change that icon back to how they were before or something. (Google...
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    Halloween Celebration

    Hey there, pretty much, this topic´s about what you did in Halloween, did you get dressed? did you go to a party? did you do something special? Down here, most people don´t celebrate Halloween, but one of my friends organized a party for the day before Halloween and it was simple, but cool, we...
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    What´s your favorite gametype?

    Mine´s Race, mainly because it´s the gametype in wich I PWN the most. I also like CTF, but it´s too dependant, my team NEVER has the flag in the base and I end up having like 950 points more than the one who´s 2nd in my team.
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    Post your Pokémon Team

    Yep, we had a topic like this a long time ago in a not-so far galaxy. But topics need to be refreshed once in a while to keep up to date, no? Legendaries allowed, after all they can be easly beaten with the right moves, I´ll post the moves with their ACTUAL base power, that means STAB and Item...
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    The Most Sold VG Series EVAR!

    Yup, as much as I´m amazed that nobody´s made a topic ´bout this, I´m also shocked of the names that appeared on the top of the list we´re talking about, wich is right here: Obviously, at top is Mario, and 2nd is Pokémon...
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    =3, Youtube´s most favorited series.

    Hello there again, guys, I had been wanting to make this topic since a while, but always forgetted to, it is to introduce you to youtube´s most favorited series, courtesy of the youtube member who´s got the ¨Most Subscribed-All Time¨, ¨Most Subscribed-Comedian¨ and many other awards. It is a...
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    Is there a way to know if your server is being displayed?

    Hello there, you see, I´ve always had problems hosting servers, my old computer used to crash when more than 2 people joined, but now with my laptop, I´m not even sure if it displays the server, because nobody joins now, even in the lapse of 30 minutes. And I DO have the showserver thing on, so...