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    [Reusable] Leavebug Anti-Crash Hack

    The game didn't crash when it said CRASH ADVERTED. That image was taken after relaunching the server.
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    [Reusable] Leavebug Anti-Crash Hack

    Hosted a Coop or Die netgame with this today and it went pretty smoothly. I did encounter about two crashes and one of them gave a RPT file. If my memory is correct for this RPT... I think I had maybe 16+ users in that instance and was during Sunshine Uplands 1. I have attached the RPT File of...
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    Henry Stickmin

    It seems unlikely to get -1 lives as you will be unable to clear regular levels if you were to finish them with 0 lives... although the moment you get an extra life after hitting the exit... the level will end as it normally would.
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    Henry Stickmin

    It seems you can die while in the level clear state if you ready up a teleport just before you enter the level clear state. This was done in ACZ3 since you have enough time to pick the Teleporter and ready it as the capsule rises once the boss is defeated. With the correct timing you will...
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    Henry Stickmin

    The scooter gadget kinda doesn't like certain hazards as upon contact with those hazards breaks all of reality. The game will crash if you're riding the scooter and touch FOFs/floors that have... Fire Damage Spike Damage Electric Damage Laser Damage Water Damage There might be more...
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    SonicX8000's Single-Player Voting

    01. Hollow Hill Zone 1 02. Ante-Station Zone 03. Falcon Emissary Zone 04. Mercury Mine Zone 05. Lava Temple 06. Zaxel's Thunder Yard 07. Blizzard Bastion Zone 08. Koopa Kastle Zone 09. Fort Sunset Zone 10. Abyss Caverns Zone 11. Teal Tundra Zone 12. Ridge Rapids Zone 13. Music Mash Zone 14...
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    [Reusable] SonicX8000's Huds & Fonts - The 2.2.9+ Update

    Hopefully I did this correctly... maybe? I see the download button. (Update 6) With the release of 2.2.9, more colormap shades were added. This means that the shiny fonts had to go through a overhaul on the shading so that they can change colors correctly. There's also some hud elements that...
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    [Reusable] SonicX8000's Huds & Fonts

    SonicX8000 updated SonicX8000's Huds & Fonts with a new update entry: The 2.2.9+ Update Read the rest of this update entry...
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    [Reusable] Shields+ (v1.1)

    The Bumper Shield has a couple bugs, and one of them is rather nasty. Bug 1: Breaking Bustable FOFs will print lua errors, as well as getting 'stuck' on the already broken Bustable FOF. --- Bug 2: By walking into a corner at just the correct angle... you will be thrown across the map or you...
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    [Reusable] SonicX8000's Huds & Fonts Update 6

    "SonicX8000's Huds & Fonts" is a pack of files that changes the hud style, the font style or the console style. Such styles you may find here are kept close to the vanilla style or it may be a different style entirely. Due to the many files, I decided to put them in zip folders just so it's...
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    [Reusable] Ring Counter - See how many Rings are in the map.

    Wanting to know how many Rings are in a map? Have you been trying for that Perfect Bonus but you have the feeling that you might've missed a Ring or a Ring Box somewhere? Then this script is for you. "Ring Counter" is a small lua script that scans for the Rings & Ring Boxes in the map. They...
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    [Reusable] Ultimate Randomizer

    It seems it's prone to crashing if you have Flats/Textures set to SWAP/RANDOMIZE. Randomly you can crash in GFZ1 if the randomizer feels like it just by running/jumping around the level. You can also encounter crashes if you break bustable blocks in GFZ1 with just the Textures being...
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    Autumn OLDC Voting: Single-Player

    01. Foliage Furnace 02. Overgrown Heights 2 03. Galactic Facility 04. Shadow of Aztlan 05. Alabaster Fountain 06. Gate Garden 07. Pagoda Park 08. Emerald Aether 09. Knothole Coast 1 10. Dark Marsh 11. Fatal Factory 12. Hakuryu Dojo 13. Square City 2 14. Aquatic Port 15. Azlant Ruin
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    [Reusable] Token Hunt

    Recently hosted a netgame with this, and you can encounter a softlock if the level has no Tokens to begin with. Exit sectors will be broken & the end sign will be a pole without Eggman's face on it.
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    [Reusable] Everything thoks [v3]

    Some of the options like 'pickupthok' & 'scenerythok' stops working correctly if you die/retry in a map that uses the 'NoReload'. In the gif... nearly everything thoks but when I respawned... only the enemies thok. One other thing to mention is that the Spring Ball objects thok if the...