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    What's your favorite YouTube channel?

    Alright i'm starting to like Grunt gaming now
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    How'd you get your profile picture?

    Now My pfp is Deimos funni clown series man found on google.
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    Shadow Fangame 2322's WIPs

    Eh, they don't really match much except the glove on the right.
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    Wheelchair Inazuma v2b

    HE'S BACK i missed him
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    mayo's X-treme Mania Colours

    Ah yes. Sonic RPG did you really have to
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    Among Us Impostor

    Sussy man Jokes aside he looks really fun but damn the filesize is 65m holy crap.
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    need help finding oddball models

    The models are still in the Lonely foxz pack. Their names have "V1" in their name
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    Paper Bros [HIATUS]

    Paper Bros will also have 2 versions. One of them is a 2d version and a 3d version.
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    Paper Bros [HIATUS]

    And also a new health bar system! Thanks to StarManiaKG for making it! it's currently broken right now.
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    questions about models

    Depends. If it's a portleg it will work, if it's a model straight from 2.0/2.1 it won't work.
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    help! my Hud is gone!

    Did you try to restart the game? You probally deleted something on the srb2 files.
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    (Founded File!) Does anyone have Bandages for Srb2 2.1?

    And by that he means he can't send it over because of portlegs.
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    (Founded File!) Does anyone have Bandages for Srb2 2.1?

    I'm pretty sure Stephen made an video about the wad in his channel, but the link might be dead.
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    Sonic but bad (out)

    Oh sorry it's just my poor grammar.
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    Sonic but bad (out)

    Eh, It's alright.