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    Green Hill remake

    Looks beautiful from what ive seen
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    SRB2GB: A gameboy emulator

    this is sick af, shame theres no music/sound but im alright with playing metroid 2 without those
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    Super Mario Bros.

    you mean like in the Mario & Luigi games?
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    I love the trick spin. GOD I LOVE MOMENTUM I legit think Sonic is so good that noone else can compare.
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    Everything feels slippery, speed shoes actually make you slower, and dash mode is a joke. Holding spin during dash mode is said to do something, but feels like it does nothing. It doesn't actually make you faster, so it's just free invincibility. I feel like Dash Mode should improve Metal...
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    Advance Style Amy Hammer Jump

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    Tyson Hesse Sonic (W.I.P)

    I really liked the sprited and shaded 2.2 style they had, but it's their mod. I'm cool with whatever they want to do, the handrawn ones look great as well.
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    [Reusable] Advance Style Amy Hammer Jump 1

    I felt that Amy was lacking in versatility, so I wanted to give her a Hammer Jump, but the thing's been done before, so I felt like making it more like Sonic Advance's Hammer Jump, by making her do her hammer for a split second, and then having her go into her spin frames when rising with the...
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    Advance Style Amy Hammer Jump

    Pyrakid Wolfo submitted a new resource: Advance Style Amy Hammer Jump - A more balanced take on Amy's Hammer Jump Read more about this resource...
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    Major And Minor (M&M) Tweaks

    is the mod supposed to load with tons of warnings?
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    Sonic 1 titlecard and HUD

    are you the same person who made the one for sonic 2?
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    Super Mario Bros.

    Yeah, its the same color as the hat's color... though in all pieces of media, the M on Mario's cap is ALWAYS Red. 1649955802 Anyway, now that I know Fire Mario doesn't have a Red M on his cap in this mod... the mod is completely unplayable. :dramahog: 1649961683 side side to side
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    Ported Models.

    cool if its done like with the creators permission
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    Tails Cyclone! (Demo out!)

    Shouldn't the walker be twice Sonic's size so that Normal-Size-Tails can fit in it? There's nothing wrong with characters being taller or larger or anything. There is even a "height" in skin.
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    On the topic of events, I have another example I would like to see used. In an old version of SRB2 (Notably Marriage Edition (2.0.X) [and Final Demo (1.09.4) however not being apart of the main campaign]) you used to end Red Volcano by jumping onto a platform, and Lava rushing upward from...