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    This mod is amazing, but san someone give me a proper English rundown of the controls? I cant quite figure them all out myself and the message board on start screen explanations aren't doing too much to help for...obvious reasons.
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    A problem with my models

    I got the most recent update for it, and did ask in the discussion. I also apologize for asking in srb2 discussion instead of troubleshooting, by the time I realized I had picked the wrong one it was too late.
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    A problem with my models

    I would like to preface this by saying that i don’t know if extra/ changed models still count as vanilla since the game doesn't count it as modded, and that before im told to post this in the thread, I did, i just got no response after a month. I added dano’s models to my game but for some...
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    Dano's Models

    Ok so I need a little help with this, I don't know how but after I downloaded this I messed something up and now 1. I cannot edit the models through the dats folder, I can still edit the dats but it doesn't change the in game models. 2. The blue crawla models are now replaced with this...
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    [Reusable] Sol Sestancia

    oh boy, a glitch already lmao new file, haven't ever collected this one, and it did let me collect 2 others (fun fact, they also don't show up on the radar for some reason)
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    [Reusable] Sol Sestancia

    so im assuming this is one of those map packs that got reamed? I didnt think it was, as it worked in an online game
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    [Reusable] Sol Sestancia

    So maybe this is just me, but this doesn't seem to work properly with 2.10, is it just me or is there something i'm missing? for context i am running the latest version on windows. what happens when i load it up is that it changes the title screen accordingly, but upon entering the game it takes...
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    A question about solsest.

    probably should have mentioned that I am on the 2.10 version on windows.
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    A question about solsest.

    Hi, it's me again, back with yet another question about yet another mod. It has nothing to do withnaging about "oH WhEn Is He GoNnA FiNsH tHe SeQuEl." My question is, does solsest work with 2.10? because i've seen a version that does work normally with 2.10, but then I go into sp to load it up...
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    RushChars - Blaze and Marine

    Love the secret bonus for the chaos emeralds, and the funny meme with it. but do i change it back? sometimes i dont wanna look at the meme greatness anymore, but i don't believe putting in the command again turned it off
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    Taz the Tasmanian Devil

    I would like to note, i believe it is impossible to bat the game without cheating, as he cannot make the jump in ECZ1 from the final swing to the red springs near the end of the level (third to last checkpoint)
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    So gentlemen, back again with another two mysterymods.

    I was messing around in SP and thought "hey mecha sonic is fun, why don't I add him?" then I go into my char folder (separate folder I use for characters I download off them MB instead of from joining a server) and add him, then remember I have a second version in my DOWNLOAD folder, quit the...
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    Mecha Sonic Revamp [BETA]

    well im not entirely sure what you want me to define but the file name is literally just "mecharevampv2.2" here take a look at it, it seems like an older version, but also not quite the same. Please do not evicerate me for posting this, i have no idea where this came from or when i got it
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    Mecha Sonic Revamp [BETA]

    So I have 2 versions of this, own directly from this download, and one called "mecha revamp2.2" the one called mecha revamp has the things described, such as a bounce and dropdash, while the download version does not. is this a glitch with the download version? or are these abilities just...
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    Star Coins over Emblems

    so for reference the clip i showed was a fresh save from MRCE, and i tried this with saves in oldc and they hadn't respawned. maybe it just doesnt work for oldc?