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    Remixed Match Maps[v1.1] ~ Mixed-up Match Levels!

    It's been so long, idk if genocide city will ever come out... These maps are great though!
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    I've been going through addons using the tagging system and I've found a lot of cool maps and scripts for Tag and Match. Then a thought occurred, "Why can't we make collections of addons on the MB itself?" I think the idea of putting addon packs together and displaying them in the forums would...
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    Trying to narrow down an addon problem.

    Yeah I plan to do that now, I finally have time. I just thought I might as well ask ahead of time in case that search could be narrowed down by some slim chance. I should be good now though.
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    Trying to narrow down an addon problem.

    Every time a player joins my tag server, I keep getting a whole bunch of lines that say "fuck" in my console. I think it's a lazy debug print. Does anyone know an addon dev who uses "fuck" as a console debug regularly? It'd help cut down the search time for me. (if you wanna step forward and...
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    Super Mario Bros.

    @DirkTheHusky Fire flower Mario seems to break ringslinger modes. Rings get disabled, and if you switch to a different character they become able to shoot fireballs. Really weird, but it's enough reason to disable powerups for tag.
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    Whisper the Wolf

    Don't load Kirb's Cool Colors alongside Whisper, she breaks when equiping her mask if the color addon is loaded. Not worth fixing imo. 1669426509 @light dasher Whisper's rocket wisp seems capable of friendly fire on team-based modes. Idk if it was intentional or not, but it definitely allows for...
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    Kirb's cool colors

    Just a heads up, this addon breaks Whisper's addon.
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    EpicPro Character Pack!

    That's definitely something to look forward to! Thanks!
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    EpicPro Character Pack!

    a little sad there isn't an individuals zip for download, makes it hard to have an undertale/deltarune exclusive themed pack.
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    [Level Pack] Fickle Hearts

    There's an older version of this pack that has honeybee industries included atill available in the attachments.
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    [Level Pack] Dig Pack

    @Diggle Did you split your addon into two and later offered the full pack back on the MB?
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    KINOchars v1

    Yeah the pk3 doesn't work. Easy solution would be to extract the data from the wads and put it into a pk3 using slade. Of course, only KI.NO has the right to do this as they are the addon creator.
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    Nav's Map Pack!

    Make sure you increment the version number for all updates, no matter how small the changes are. If you did, make sure the update post reflects this.
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    [Level Pack] Fickle Hearts

    I'm still holding hope that this pack will have honeycomb repackaged by D00D64, but now that 1.6 is out this is the best time to revive this pack. I really would hate to see these maps die out due to a missing map crash.
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    [Level Pack] Aether Pack

    So should I load Aether Pack before or after SI-HTpak? I'm guessing after to overwrite old Neo-Metropolis.