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    [Character] C4 Character Pack v2

    Hey would it be possible to get Big the Cat as a stand-alone or permission to export him as a stand-alone? Trying to make a pure Sonic Kart server. :D
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    AmeixaRoxa's Custom Character Pack [v1.3]

    Hey, if you ever get bored >.> Antoine and Boomer/Rotor would be great mid/heavy characters to add.
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    [Reusable] SRB2Kart 1.3 - Moe Mansion

    I seem to have found an audio bug. I play a lot of local multiplayer and in 3 or 4 player split-screen the character voices and sound effects while racing are so quiet you almost can't hear them. It does not seem to happen in 2 player split-screen. But some sound fx like the item randomization...