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    Maximum Time Bonus gives Sonic & Tails 2 lives

    Getting the highest possible time bonus in a level when playing as Sonic & Tails awards you two lives instead of one. This doesn't happen when playing as any solo character. It doesn't seem to happen with Ring Bonus, Perfect Bonus or if the Time Bonus gets your score beyond 50k. My uneducated...
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    Amy's sprites are misaligned compared to others

    As the title suggests, Amy's sprites are misaligned in some way, usually being too much in the front. Most noticeable with her side sprites, but even her back-facing standing sprite seems to be placed lower than Sonic's. I'd test and compare this more, but I'm not sure how. The attached...
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    Fixed Twin lasers in BCZ1 disappear up close in OGL with Shaders on

    If you approach the twin lasers in BCZ1 in OpenGL with Shaders turned on, the lasers disappear. They seem to work fine with Shaders off.
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    Fixed Lack of Perspective pans up the camera in reverse gravity when using flipcam

    As the title says, the camera pans up awkwardly when using OpenGL's Lack of Perspective in reverse gravity with flipcam. This doesn't happen when flipcam is turned off. The attached screenshots show the camera difference.
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    You can run through one of the twin lasers in BCZ1

    One of the twin lasers after the spike wall that Metal Sonic breaks can be run through for some reason as seen in the attachment. You can't stand in it and running into the other laser hurts you as it should. Looks like this bug's been present in 2.1 as well,
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    [Reusable] Blanc

    Looks like you did a small mistake with the sprite names and now it overrides the battle bumpers
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    Partly intangible falling platforms in ACZ

    After the first checkpoint in ACZ, on the leftmost path, the one with Speed Shoes and a Whirlwind Shield right after, you can go right through the bottom halves of the two falling platforms. The top halves are solid. No other falling platforms in the level seem to act like this. I've been...
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    Fixed (Meadow Match) Graphical glitch with Shields

    In Meadow Match, going on the FoF and grabbing a shield can result in an odd glitch Now you see him... And now you don't. This also works with an Armageddon Shield, so it may have something to do with layering. And, as a bonus, it also affects other items on the FoF
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    Fixed Tails bot in NiGHTS Mode

    If you beat the game as Sonic & Tails and then go into the NiGHTS mode, the Tails bot will spawn. It doesn't look too harmful (the little bugger can walk on lava!), but I didn't test it on all the NiGHTS maps.
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    Fixed Arcs in Icicle Falls fall upon startup

    Pretty much what this says. Once you start Icicle Falls, the arcs in front of the bases turn into this
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    Have you ever had a non-thokfest race?

    Well, have you ever played a race like that? Well, I have and I enjoyed it a lot, but I want to hear you. What are your opinons? Do you think a race like that is/would be fun?