Hey so if u was reading this and u see my character in some srb2 servers u will think that im not that same guy but yes im MAJD color ruby age 13 im trying to do bad comedy in some servers like s1 tag server the something i hate in multiplayer there's domeplayers try to fuck u up and i will say theyer name now snoc (team snoc) and Blazeared and others and the other thing annoys me in multiplayer that the roleplayers are annoying and they will never stop and theyer grammer are not the best (mine too) i have fnf skin and its stil in the dovelepent by me and i have discord and if u wanna to be my friend here is my name MAJD#8448 about the friends one of my friends is rafael and hes good guy xD if u ask what is my best mods its easy its stephchars aka jana and bye see u in some srb2 servers
March 13



Oh look oh and whats this? wanna know why i cant host?