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    What videogame would you delete?

    Sonic 06 or Sonic Forces. If Sonic 06 hadn't been the disaster it was, maybe Sega would have kept the dreamcast/gamecube feeling on the following Sonic games, the simple story and childish writing of Sonic post 06 really makes me sad. Sonic Forces was an absolute disappointment, it didn't do...
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    Just a few character ideas i thought might be neat for SRB2

    I think the custom buttons will have to be used. I don't know much about ryu and ken's moveset, but I guess the custom buttons could be the punch/kick inputs, custom 1 the weak, 2 the medium and 3 the heavy. You could hold the spin button to alternate between kicks and punches. For example...
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    what is your favorite sonic fangame

    I'd say it's either SRB2 or Sonic Classic 2. Sonic Before and After the Sequel are also good but they're really strange to control.
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    my dream -_-

    well, I think the replies are gonna get locked by a moderator since this is a very, very off topic discussion. So while I'm here, I'll share my weirdest dream. It's not really weird, I just think it's kinda depressing, I had a dream where I was executed. I was in a dark, cold room, with no...
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    what's your favorit anime or manga

    Evangelion. I love Evangelion and will always love it. I also like HunterXHunter a lot, the Yorkshin and Quimera ants arc are my favorites. I'm currently watching One Piece and it's pretty good too.
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    What's your Favorite Fangame?

    SAGE 2021 has been around for quite some time now, so I wanted to ask you about fangames that you like. It doesn't really need to be your favorite, just fangames that you enjoy or want to see in the future. I personally love SRB2 (that's why I'm here) and Super Smash Flash 2. Recently, I've been...
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    Why do you like SRB2?

    I think SRB2 is the best take on classic Sonic in 3d. The game is just amazing. Everything that composes the classics are in SRB2, the level design, the ambientation, the colors, the music. The way the characters control is also very interesting, it takes a while to learn, but it's very...
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    SRB2 Uncapped

    I love your profile picture
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    Exclipsy's Pack (The Genshin Impact Update!)

    Aí vem o Chaves, Chaves, Chaves, Todos atentos olhando pra TV Aí vem o Chaves, Chaves, Chaves, Com uma historinha bem gostosa de se ver
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    Elements of your ideal Sonic game?

    I think my ideal Sonic game would be a 3d platformer expanding on the Adventure playstyle and bringing things from Srb2. The first thing I would want to put in is a fast-paced gameplay with complex and inticrate level design. It would be somewhat similar so Srb2, but the main thing is that the...
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    Let's be honest about Sonic 2006

    I bet Sonic Team knew what they were doing, they knew how messed up this was and made the excuse that it never happened
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    Let's be honest about Sonic 2006

    I hate because it's something that the franchise doesn't need in the games. The debate of wether or not humans should exist in the Sonic universe is very interesting and polarizing, but I really don't think there should be romance between humans and furry creatures in the games, it just doesn't...
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    Are the Classic spin off canon in the Mania universe

    I think the Metal Sonic from Mania is the real one because we've never seen a clone/illusion use the power of the ruby to transform. From what I remember, the illusions can't harness the power of the ruby by themselves, and we clearly see Metal Sonic using the phantom ruby to become more...
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    ULDC 2021: Seasons of Stages

    This is fantastic, not just the hub world but the whole ULDC and OLDC. New maps 4 times a year by the community is wonderful. I just wanna show my love and support to you guys
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    About Sonic Mania

    I hope so. I'm not saying that the fanservice is bad for the first game of a possible revival of the classic formula, I'm worried that they will keep on doing that. I personally think that Mania didn't bring anything truly new to the table. If you analyse the progression of the classic games...