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    [Level Pack] Kart Rev - A SRB2Kart V1.5 Base Game Maps Modification [v1.6.X]

    As of Kart version 1.4 and onwards the music for Black Bliss is broken when using this mod Also this mod overwrites the texture revamp given to Kodachrome Void in Kart 1.4
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    [Level Pack] Masters Pack

    As of Kart version 1.4 and onwards the music for Lake Magorite 2 is broken
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    [Level Pack] Dig Pack

    As of the most recent update this pack now conflicts with the Plom Pack; Clockwork Tower uses the same ID as the battle map Bumper Barrage from the Plom Pack
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    [Level Pack] Marsh Mayhem Pack [NEW MAP - MARBLE ZONE]

    I just encountered the same issue while hosting my own server, posting about it here in hopes of a potential fix soon.
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    [Level Pack] SI-HTpak

    I'm having similar issues whenever I try to host this pack in multiplayer, I came here looking for a fix but it doesn't seem like anyone here has one... EDIT: I figured out what my issue was, there seems to be a lua conflict with the rails on Highrise Havoc and the shortcut on Bellbridge Zone...