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    [Reusable] foxBot! ExAI-based Multiplayer Coop Bots

    I got more than 1000 rings because a bot died multiple times in a single frame. Instead of making all the bots follow a single player, I like to make them go as a train, example: bot1 follows player, bot2 follows bot1, bot3 follows bot2...
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    Ranma 1/2 Characters V2 [Ranma (Boy/Girl) Update, NEW! Akane]

    weathermod and or with any map that has the "change weather" linedef effect, I made a map for myself and when the weather changes ranma does not transform
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    Ranma 1/2 Characters V2 [Ranma (Boy/Girl) Update, NEW! Akane]

    I found a bug: when the weather changes Ranma will not "react" to it, example: if the map start raining and the weather changes to sunny, Ranma will still change when exposed to the open sky. and the same happens the other way, if the map starts sunny and it starts raining, he will not change.
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    [Reusable] WTFSonic

    I played this with Tails guy and I noticed that when one of my projectiles hit one of the bots it inverts the player's speed
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    Kart bug reports thread

    Sometimes I forget about this sector while I use boosts