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    [Level Pack] The Adventurer's Agency Level Pack v1.8.1 (new map: Banger Boneyard)

    I found a file conflict between your map pack and the Masters pack. Masters pack has O_MAPKBM as the track for mapkb while your pack has O_MAPKBM.OGG that is seemingly unused.
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    [Reusable] Juggy's Jug of Tools

    here's a bug: It looks like pm's aren't being muted.
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    Blossom cup [Software hotfix]

    This was one update I was really looking forward to and I'll look forward to the next two maps as well 😄
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    Blossom cup [Software hotfix]

    Two pieces of fence are lacking collision: and the checkpoints between the bridge and the last turn are a bit jank. The positions can jump around in that area. We did some netgame testing and you can find all the replays here.
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    [MP Level] ArcadePak v1.7.0 (BACKROOM VELOCITY ZONE)

    Did some playtests on the new map we found two issues: All the replays files can be found on here.
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    [Reusable] FRIENDMOD

    Bugfix for one line in the ShouldSquish hook: elseif (p.FRteam == source.player.FRteam) then teamattackmirror(source.player) maybeDoInstashield(p) if not fr_teamattack.value then return false else return end simply returning fr_teamattack.value...
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    [Reusable] Nova Pack

    Despite the strong offroad you can mow the second cut of the new map by going close to the left side.
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    The TG Cup - A Track Pack by TG

    Meteor Mine Zone tends to freeze a server. Not just a crash but a full stop. Are you aware of this issue? I'm open to work together on this to fix it.
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    Mudslap Stadium is Here!

    Just wanted to say that this is possible, on all speeds without items
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    I had the same issue after adding a map that included paragliders