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    [Reusable] Junio Sonic

    Pandoras box and super.lua works too
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    Someone's Bus

    Por favor, usa inglés en los foros/ Please, use english on the forums
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    [Reusable] All Characters super!

    Jump and press Spin 1624224893 Yes, it works
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    Milne the Crystal Fox - [ v2.0.2 ] - The Sharp & Slick Update

    Please don't use spanish / Por favor no uses español
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    The SA1 question

    Yeah, Big's levels are boring, that is the point of my criticism, his gameplay is ok, but can be better, big don't have to fish in his levels, he can do interesting things in a level disgn similar to sonic, amy or even tails level design, not put the same things of that, they can adapt the...
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    The SA1 question

    Actually I like big, his history is rescue his best friend, and he go everywhere to find him, I think is cute And his gameplay is not that bad, the abilities where ok, if he has more acceleration and he didn't have to fish (instead of that his level canbe puzzles or like sonic and amy ones, but...
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    Infinite mod please

    Don't ask others to do mods for you if you want a moddo it yourself, maybe if you have sprites o some ideas, or do the lua for his abilities you can ask for someone for help you
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    How can Tails fly with his tails for *9* seconds?

    I was thinkg he makes his tails go at a speed where they get intangible
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    1.09.4 Light Dash port

    Custom 3
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    How did you get your username?

    So, my actual username was created in base of my 1st nickname that was BlackDragon, I think it was too large, and I changed it, to Draco, becouse it isn't too much different and sounds better.
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    what if the sonic series cast was less expansive?

    To know the history and argument of the classic games you have to READ the manual
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    what if the sonic series cast was less expansive?

    In the comics they explain why is silver there
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    v2.2 - Playstyle & Keyboard Layout

    I play only with KB: Gameplay Style = Simple IUKO = Movement JL = Turn camera left and right D = Jump S = Spin A = Custom 1 Q = Custom 2 W = Fire E = Custom 3 R = TossFlag ZX = Prev/Next Weapon YH = turn camera up and domw (I rarely use this M = Toggle third person The other buttons are the...
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    Lua-Sonic (REJECTED)

    Yeah, it works good, but the thing is that shadow, modern sonic and werehog already use that tipe of homing attack, and the homing attack of sonic momentum by Mr Bane, works like that if you only spam it, but you can gain speed and a little of height charging it, but do it in the way you want
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    Greenflower Speedway Mod

    You can't use spanish in this forums/No puedes usar español en estos foros