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    Certain addons not having an option for download?

    I also vaguely remember coming across addons I was interested in trying out but for whatever reason the download button is just not there (though in few cases it was just the download was in the post itself and I missed it). In the case of no downloads period I am also curious what's going on.
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    Input lag for multiplayer on android

    Could be varying internet speeds like how some peoples connections have a slow day. Maybe some other factors but I only really know of these two things.
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    Input lag for multiplayer on android

    I think all versions of SRB2 have input lag in online. There's unfortunately no fix, it's just how the netcode is. The intensity of input lag is usually based on how far the servers are from your real life location.
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    BE's Mess of Mods (KIND OF ON HIATUS

    I love that Autumn looking Green Flower
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    The insta-shields ability was that it could let you clip through projectiles and spikeballs for a split second, there's this increasing misconception that it could deflect projectiles away, this was only a mod to it inside of Sonic 3 Complete and AIR. I think either of those would be a neat...
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    Rare hosting issue

    I've also seen the things described in this thread, I'm on windows. Sometimes I see other people victim to it without them even knowing. Another symptom is seeing players walking into walls and such, cause what they see on their end is not in sync with the server, or maybe it's you that's not in...
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    Considering a exe mod made one of my saves unusable on vanilla, I'm glad the main game has the "modified state", though I don't know if any regular addon could do the same to my save files or worse, I'm actually curious about that. How much damage can mods hypothetically do to the vanilla save...
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    Are the Classic spin off canon in the Mania universe

    I guess the Ruby has Freddy Krueger logic.
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    Is Yuji Naka a hack?

    Why do most people never focus on whether the linked sources them selves are good or not in individual wiki articles, its always just " Wikipedia bad". If the page read had no sources at all, then yeah, it's obviously just hearsay in the form of "objective information" but I've found sources on...
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    Are the Classic spin off canon in the Mania universe

    How does the Avatar actually get through the level if what they're experiencing isn't real? They'd be running blind. I know Knuckles flat out says "what you're seeing isn't real" but it just doesn't make sense to me. Everything the Ruby does appears to be very much physical and capable of...
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    After Srb2 what's next?

    I imagine the developers will take a looooong vacation. I know I would.
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    Are the Classic spin off canon in the Mania universe

    I wasn't sure Infinite manipulating the avatars gravity counted but I was gonna cite how Infinite and some illusions basically have some form of psychokinesis, at the very least he could probably fling someone away real fast, also I swear I saw someone making connections to the time eater and...
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    403 when connecting to the Master Server. Have I been banned?

    I'm seeing something similar from that link too actually.
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    Are the Classic spin off canon in the Mania universe

    That is true Metal does use pink/purple a lot, though I was more thinking it was just giving him additional firepower in the Giga form, or he's just keeping it for storage in which case, why didn't Eggman keep holding on to it? I can't actually rule out an illusion Metal Sonic using a magic...
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    Are the Classic spin off canon in the Mania universe

    There's some other oddities I noticed, at the start of Mania, Egg Robos are transformed just being in proximity, but was it Eggman's thoughts or the Egg Robos themselves giving these forms (this might be silly to think cause they're machines though) Later instead of using the Ruby on Metal...