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    [Reusable] Aaron's Char Pack - Latest Update: Captain Falcon gets a tune-up

    I'VE COME TO MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT this is a really cool pack lol :)
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    Efini RX-7

    Honestly, I'd kill to see a Volkswagon Bus.
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    Efini RX-7

    Ah, interesting. Kinda thought a Choro Q styled car would be nice to see one day. Again, love how this came out.
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    Efini RX-7

    Longshot, but were these sprites inspired by the Choro Q series of toys/games by any chance? Because I see a resemblence. Regardless, very good work on this.
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    [Reusable] F-Zero GX Narrator!

    Oh damn, DarkyBenji's doing SRB2 Kart mods now? Dude, I loved your MKWii stuff, so thi is a really nice treat. The mod itself is great as well. Nice job on this.
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    [Reusable] Super Hang-On! (OUTDATED) v1.2

    Ooh, this is actually a really cool idea for a character. I'm a sucker for characters where the kart is changed or modified to some capacity. The idea of having a Moto Bike is something I'm surprised never really crossed my mind before. The jump spin sprites do look a little goofy, but I'm...
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    The Exotic Exotic Butters (FNAF VR : HW)

    You can't hear the sound byte at the end. Too quiet. That and it's not very talkative in general. Even if all his voice clips were the same audio file, I'd prefer that. If anything, it'd add hilarity to the character. It's better then being in total silence and only having a quip near the end...
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    What a coincidence. I was literally just thinking about how neat it would be if someone made a Diddy Kong Racing character for this game earlier today. Looks great.