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    Drawn to Life: A New Canvas

    I had not tuned into the full SRB2 Direct, so I was unaware it was not on hiatus. Sorry for the mixup there.
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    Drawn to Life: A New Canvas

    Folks, this topic has not been updated in over a year. There's nothing to discuss here. If DylanDude wishes to update the topic, I can unlock it for them, but for now, there's no point in bumping this.
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    Legend of Heroes Trails Character Pack

    You can use this in Vanilla SRB2 much like how you can use SRB2Kart maps in the previous version in SRB2; it loads, but it sure isn't the intended experience, to say the least.
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    Tell me the srb2 character you hate the most and ill give you a counter

    Yeah, like, if you got actual critique a mod, that's what the mod's discussion topic and review section is for. Outright mod bashing isn't needed here.
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    Steven's Amy Abilities

    I swear there's a way to get character moves to work based on the direction you're holding rather than the directing the camera is facing, if you want Amy's skip to function for Standard/Strafe like it does in Simple. I can't remember how off the top of my head though...
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    Which is better legacy espio/esipo

    ...So you're just going to ask a question to spark a debate, and not even contribute to it? Like, the answer is really obviously the newer Espio. The art is better, the abilities are far better and are actually like Espio in Chaotix, how is this a contest?
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    [Reusable] "Work in Progress!!" HUD Text (SRB2 & Kart) Probably the Only Version

    WORK IN PROGRESS! ...No, that's the script. All it does is put red text on that specific part of the screen. Very simple, very small, but very handy, and very easily modifiyable. It was so short, I wasn't even going to put it on the forum, but its been very helpful to some folks, and it...
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    "Work in Progress!!" HUD Text (SRB2 & Kart)

    D00D64 submitted a new resource: "Work in Progress!!" HUD Text (SRB2 & Kart) - To make it clear your project is a "WIP"! Read more about this resource...
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    The BIG Xtreme Mania Colours Update coming soon...

    You already have a place to discuss your work on this project, there's n need for this topic.
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    Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

    Alright, this is the last time I am warning all of you. Stay on-topic. If the topic derails just one more time, I am banning all responsible, and locking this topic up. This is completely unfair to the folks working on this mod, but this is the most constantly derailed topic in this subforum...
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    Old 4:3

    All of NARbluebear's content has been resorted, as they have never deleted their forum posts. You will still need to go to discussion tabs for their downloads. We try to be a form of archival, so users should contact us if they truly want their content deleted. Given how this content was...
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    [SRB2Kart] Chrispy's Content Creation Pack

    Asking in an old topic like this was not necessary when we have the Help forum, but if you need to know, use Audacity and do the following; [Generate > Silence > 1 second] then... [Effect > Echo > set both options to 0.25] Save as OGG with a project rate of 44100hz (Check the bottom left of...
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    [Level Pack] R. A. Extended v3.1 - "SUPER! GBJ! HOTFIX!" Edition

    Okay, I know I'm more than a year late on this, but thank you! I did the announcer into clips.
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    resort island ( im STILL working on srb2 generations, but im chilling at the moment)

    You know what, I agree. Edit one of your existing topics and make that for all your works from now on. You do not need this many for smaller works.
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    Steel The Grey Wolf Progress

    Upon closer investigation, the way his hair/spines look is near identical to Dirk, and may indeed be either a rip of Dirk's sprites, or a tracejob. The design is so similar to Dirk that we cannot be certain this is an original work, and thus, the topic has been locked. There's nothing wrong...