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    Chao Garden Mod Request

    - mod requests are not allowed - there's been one in the works, but progress has been slow due to the complexity of the mod
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    Are SRB2 Discord bans permanent?

    He's saying the mods generally review appeals within a week after they've been sent. If it's been longer and you're still banned, you can send another appeal and they'll look it over.
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    Official Level Design Contest 2022: Round 1

    It may sound familiar because it shares musical commonalities with the previous OLDC hubs. Any tracks in this playlist with the name "Creation Station" are original tunes created specifically for the OLDC.
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    Sonic Origins released. What are your thoughts?

    Conceptually I actually prefer the Prototype soundtrack, partially because it's stylistically consistent with the rest of the soundtrack, but also because its Act 2s are more fleshed out. Some of the prototype tracks may not have received the level of polish that they would have if they had...
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    Sonic Origins released. What are your thoughts?

    I already wasn't planning on buying it for PC due to it being packaged with DRM, but I'm also seeing a number of complaints on how the title screen runs, and knowing how outdated my PC is, I'm absolutely sure mine would tank. Unfortunately it also sounds like modding is going to be much more...
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    Curious question about sega genesis soundchip

    You technically could, but it's ill-advised. I'm not well-versed on the specific chip, but the cartridge needs to have enough storage space for a sample that large, and 16 bit cartridge memory is notoriously small. That's also a big reason for why every sample you'll come across in a real...
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    Is there SA/SA2 drum samples?

    I think a plurality of the tracks (particularly the ones you're probably referring to, like in Emerald Coast) use live recorded drums.
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    What are your thoughts on Sonic Origins?

    Oh jeez, I totally forgot about that. That actually puts the delisting into perspective. It's entirely possible that modding of Steam titles could be seen as competition for Origins; unlisting the titles would certainly be a method of silently removing those options without handing out lawsuits.
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    There's a hardcode bug right now that prevents multiplayer bots from respawning. You can address this by forcing their cmd.buttons to BT_JUMP inside a PreThinkFrame hook.
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    What are your thoughts on Sonic Origins?

    I don't even mind the $45 price tag considering that this is much more than a straight port of all four games, but the way they set up the DLC package and pricing structure is incredibly silly. Also the insistence on using Denuvo is extremely disrespectful and consumer-hostile.
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    Worst Pre-Metropolis Sonic 2 Zone?

    Chemical Plant Zone definitely has the worst difficulty scaling. As for least favorite... Probably Oil Ocean. It's not even bad honestly, I just find its level design kind of boring.
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    How did you discover Sonic?

    I think I was around four at the time when I was being babysat at someone else's house. The sitter had a Sega Genesis with Sonic 2 in it. Probably at around the same time I had a Sega Game Gear, also with Sonic 2 in it.
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    (Sonic Advance 2) SP Ring hunting is hard. Got any ideas?

    In order to get all of the SP rings, you need to actually know where they're going to be. Oftentimes they're on the top path (which makes sense), but sometimes they're not; it isn't always clear which path you need to travel to next. But even if it is consistently on the top path, you have to...
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    (Sonic Advance 2) SP Ring hunting is hard. Got any ideas?

    Yeah I would honestly recommend just using a gameshark code lmao