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    Thoughts on sonic frontiers?

    Me personally, it looks like a fan game
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    What is your favorite sonic merchandise you own?

    Mine is the GE re release cream plushie I will show an picture of it later also send pics of your favorite merchandise if you don't mind!
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    What's your fav sonic tv show pick 3!

    mines is The adventure with sonic the hedgehog! Sonic underground Sonic boom
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    Introduce Yourself!

    Hey srb2 fandom I am allu I got my age wrong on here but I am a 15 yo gamer who stays up everyday (gets sleep sometimes) and I now have dark circles under my eyes I've became a sonic fan at age 6
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    what are thoughts on sonic frontiers *running out of threads ideas sorry*

    I think it might be like sonic and the black knights maybe a free roam game lolz it might be great
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    just saved my life in 1 sec It work
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    On my labtop I hit tab and it didn't switch or maybe weapon is a different button
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    Pepper-Minted Models: Official Game Models

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    What are your thoughts on the upcoming 2022 netflix gaming show Sonic prime?

    I think it'll be good hope it's not a disappointment Just wish they had Jason or roger to voice sonic...
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    What is the worst sonic you played? list 3 worst sonic game and 3 good sonic game *respect people opinion*

    Worst sonic i EVER played is 1: Sonic forces 2: Sonic boom rise 3: IDK BEST LIST 1: shadow the hedgehog 2: sonic 06 3: sonic 2
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    Late question: What did you get for christmas?

    I got goku action figuers My dad got my a sonic plush and I got a new alarm clock.
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    what is your favorite sonic character or least fan made character

    Mines favorite character is the sonic ORINGNAL team.