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    SA Sonic with Xmomentum not working

    If I'm correct, SA-Sonic is meant to do that. SA-Sonic has his own momentum, thus Metalwario and Goldshine made it so that he ignores any other momentum mod.
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    Invalid Modified game despite none being enabled

    If I'm reading this correctly, you are saying you added addons but did not use them. If that is so, the game still counts it as modified depending on what you added (If it was a music-only pack it wouldn't count as modified unless something like text/lua was in there). Reset your game, and do...
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    Super Mario 64 Styled Hud (WIP)

    Already know that, like I said though I think it should still flash red when you don’t have any because it just looks weird to me.
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    Super Mario 64 Styled Hud (WIP)

    This is a pretty good looking hud so far! Something that would bother me is the coin not flashing red like the ring is when you do not have any, otherwise pretty good! I wish you luck on release.
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    How do i do the kazotsky kick with sonic

    Milne is only supported multiplayer, if you want to dance badly just play as Milne herself and press custom 3. Thats how you start the dance so no one is needed to stand next to you.
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    How do i do the kazotsky kick with sonic

    Get close to the dancing person and a thinking bubble will appear letting the Player know the character has support. Afterwards, press custom 3 to join in. Next time, read other people’s post in the character’s release thread, I know for a fact someone has already covered it there.
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    Confirmed Addon issues on Mac

    Tested it, this problem also happens with me as well. In everyway as well, even loading one in after adding a title-changing level pack will crash if selected, but it doesn't give me anything. Crashlog: An error occurred within SRB2! Send this stack trace to someone who can help! Time of crash...
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    MugenHunter Nack

    "Look who's back Brother... We meet once more" "You shouldn't have came here, it's finally time I beat you once and for all!" Remember how Arid Canyon Zone Act 3 is annoyingly difficult in some cases? Yeah... This is just too awesome.
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    I wonder which File is Better for character mods? WAD or PK3?

    I don't think using any even matters. Coming from my knowledge of mods so far, I would say PK3. You can create folders using PK3 and it would make it easier to work with your mod using them.
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    Speccy's Dungeon Crawler

    This is probably why my computer doesn't want me to use Zone Builder...
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    SRB2 Styled Earless/Sonikku revival project

    Sweet! I'm very happy you found the motivation to bring this back, also exited to see how Sonikku turns out.
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    Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

    Its been quite some time since I last talked here, but the whole time I've been here looking at the progress. And as I can see, everything looks outstanding so far! While I sort of dislike SMS I feel like the support would be something I'll be fine with, the main thing I would probably the lag...
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    i have a problem

    You can only get rid of people if you are a host/admin in your own server. Someways you can get rid of them are: 1. Kick <node number> in console, I suggest using "ping" command first, find their name, and at the left their number. They are forced to leave but can rejoin 2. Ban <node number> 3...
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    games that you imagine

    This is a dumb idea I had for a year now though please bare with me, After taking place of Sega Sonic, Mighty and Ray have decided to stay with Sonic for some time. So, they build a home near Tails’ house. Little did they know Eggman used Metal Sonic to get the emeralds, what can he do with it...
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    How has school been? (if you did go to school recently)

    Ahaha… no I hate my high school… This is my first year as a high schooler and there’s no way to explain it but it sucks. I have classes that I hate/dislike just scrambled in both my A and B Day classes, so I don’t even have a favorite not mentioning how annoying and tiring it is to get through...