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    Won't Fix Weird 1st-person Camera movement

    Its been like that for years, probably just unfixable. But, switch to OpenGL as it does not do this when that's active.
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    A'Dillaz Hat Shop

    As long as you don't use Feathers in your mod, you have my permission to use this. This is actually meant to be reusable but I have no idea why it isn't popping up lol
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    A'Dillaz Hat Shop - 1.0.1/Four new hats in stock!

    Welcome back! This version adds 4 more to the table, Quick shouts to the people who came up with these bright ideas helping them to be more funny! The new hats will be shown in the overview, hope you enjoy! I'm new to updating so it might take awhile for it to show, but I won't forget!
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    A'Dillaz Hat Shop

    A'Dilla updated A'Dillaz Hat Shop with a new update entry: 1.0.1/Four new hats in stock! Read the rest of this update entry... 1663719956 You know.. I now just realized I could have updated the message then posted the update. Forgive me for my negative infinity IQ level :dramahog: Everything...
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    A'Dillaz Hat Shop

    A'Dilla submitted a new resource: A'Dillaz Hat Shop - Adds an extra set amount of hats for you to enjoy! Read more about this resource...
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    A'Dillaz Hat Shop v1.0.1

    Note: These hats support the Cosmetics mod. This is required for them to pop up Welcome to the Hat Shop! Enjoy yourself while we play 24/7 LoFi, and a certain someone's huge playlist of banger music. We don't have too much, but I hope there's a good amount for you to enjoy a few. Lets see...
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    [Reusable] Gabriel's Unlabeled Modelpack.

    The hatdog is here This is perfection My life is finally complete
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    Early Super Sonic idea

    Even the most powerful being fears the husky's appearance. But in all to this mod, this looks exactly like the beta Super sprites, I can't help but really love seeing it. Great job!
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    My port randomly stops working after a month (Working again)

    Around a month ago, I portforwarded to my windows computer working perfectly. Then, 4 days ago when I decided to start one up after awhile, it suddenly stops working. I don't understand how though, I re-port forward multiple times just like I did the first time, all of my SRB2 versions including...
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    How to Properly Loop your Music

    Ah, this makes sense now. Thanks for clearing this up for me, it really helped!
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    How to Properly Loop your Music

    The track is set to the rate of 44100, but I'm using Loopms instead of the looppoint method. Could that be it?
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    How to Properly Loop your Music

    So, I've been having issues getting music to loop properly on or past the minute mark. It completely messes up, is there a specific way for me to do it correctly?
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    [Reusable] OVA Knuckles

    OVA Knuckles does have Sonic's jump height, And can break through breakable walls and floors.
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    How to join your friends games.

    Your friend needs to port forward in order to host period. Assuming you and your friends are windows users, this guide can help you. If this guide does not work, then there is the original way which is the first link linked in this guide.
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    Dano's Models

    Happy Birthday! Your models look very good!