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    Open letter to any user wanting to make their first mod be a character

    I am not doing a character, but I can say for a fact that while statements are famous for causing infinite loops if not handled carefully (which applies to all languages that have an implementation). Theoretically though, you can get more performance out of such a loop compared to an 'if'...
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    Regarding the idea of moving SRB2 to a Quake-based engine (as opposed to a Doom-based one), at this point it would be faster to deprecate the old software engine and binary format in favor of the OpenGL engine and the UDMF format (because at least everything will remain largely intact barring...
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    L/F people my age

    32 years old here, old enough for Sonic 1 to be me and my brother's first Sonic game. That might also make me one of the older map makers here too, I am fortunate enough to have retained a solid creative touch so far (as studies have shown that can atrophy over time).
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    Could the Genesis handle SRB1?

    Technically, there is nothing that SRB1 does that could not be done on the Genesis, but there is a catch. SRB1 was made on an engine known as "The Game Factory", so you have to take into account the added weight and overhead that results from using an early 2000's application for the PC. If you...
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    [Reusable] [v5.1] The Mystic Realm

    Hi Blast98. If you are looking for the current thread for Mystic Realm's development, check the WIP forum. Many of the later WIP snapshots can be found there. Team Prismatic also has a Discord you can ask to join if you want to...
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    Creative Worlds Level Pack.

    Ace Dragon updated Creative Worlds Level Pack. with a new update entry: Version 0.1.5; Quick fixes and a few more things Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Creative Worlds Level Pack. - Version 0.1.5; Quick fixes and a few more things

    Small Fix - Fixed SOC code for Lawn Field BCZ1 changes. - A few excessive trees that block the player were removed - Better directioning in a couple of key areas (through rings, texturing, and some small geometry changes) - The lake hiding the start of the upper path was largely drained, but...
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    ULDC Summer 2021: The Season of Stages

    I see a lot of potential places for map entry points, to fill all of them up could be a tall order so soon after OLDC. Though if people end up submitting a vastly updated version of the levels they completed in previous competitions (without the issues that hurt their rankings) that might just...
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    Sonic: Planetary Panic

    The pack is looking good so far, even though it is currently heavy on the stock SRB2 assets that are already in dozens of maps. To Othius; I am amazed that someone can spend so much in Zone Builder without getting frustrated and needing a break (judging from how you seem to be in up to several...
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    Ace Dragon's adventures in Zone Builder.

    The hang-gliders from the ACZ Museum are more than a novelty now. Anyway, by now it is becoming more clear how the level will handle directioning, the lights and the paths will guide the way. Building the lights is causing a rapid increase in the complexity of the built node structure (in...
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    Question for Mappers: Why do you map?

    Still, it is hard to ignore the fact that things are getting better. Not only is ZB under active development again (with commits that eliminate trial and error for starters), but Mascara Snake has come back and is on fire with UDMF commits (which will eliminate a lot of extra setup work and make...
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    Question for Mappers: Why do you map?

    Mapping for SRB2 might utilize archaic methods, but the truth is that SRB2 is one of the few active projects that does not require you to download gigabytes of heavy software before you can start making content. For instance, many other projects require you to download a full blown game engine...
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    Creative Worlds Level Pack. - Version 0.1.4

    Another update. This time there are more than just quick fixes. LWZ1 - Redid the Amy and Fang route, it now continues under Sonic's route into its own area (as opposed to the short and cramped path it was earlier). It lets out by the house at the end. - Opened one area near the start, it is...
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    Creative Worlds Level Pack.

    Ace Dragon updated Creative Worlds Level Pack. with a new update entry: Version 0.1.4 Read the rest of this update entry... 1624123751 Addendum 1; To all who have left reviews on my addons & more page. Thank you for the feedback, here are some responses to notable critiques. --The LWZ3...
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    Are there any more levels planned for SRB2 is there just more qol features in the future

    That might be easier said than done (in the case of a commercial product), because the SRB2 engine is licensed under the GPL (which it inherited from the Doom engine). The GPL states that every person who buys your game must also have unlimited access to your source code (so someone can legally...