Yoylecup [REVAMP] v4.0

When first playing your mod when it was released, It was... not great at all. A Dev Cut in one of your tracks, unpredictable holes in your track, overall awful design... BUT. By each update you have SLOWLY improved on your track making skills, this update is actually an improvement than the other tracks. The Revamp on Lava Four is not as bad now with the new sloping, Pillary Ruins is now possible on Easy Speed, and so forth! Unfortunately there are some problems I still have that needs to be taking a look on:

Two Circuit is still a bland starting track: I barely see any improvements on the track considering it is your first track of this pack. It could be wider and longer to really fit the bill that is Two
Awesomeness Club still has some janky ramps at the beginning: Considerably try lower the slope on those small ramps, especially when trying to boost through it will just throw you in the air.
Davidland: Davidland has too many obstacles to really become barely playable. Please lower the amounts of Davids on the track
Sparse Item Placement: Sometimes on tracks like Fourest Raceway, the item spread can be too spread out and can be just a frontrunning simulator for the first place player. Lean onto keeping it closer on parts where need be.

And now, there some new problems I want to discuss about your update:

Plate Beach's unseeable waters: When going through the track, I am happy that the offroad is gone, but sometimes when going under the water, you can't really see where you are going there. Underwater textures are going to be recommended here. The plates might also need to be spread apart some more to help this one out.
Boost Panels needed on Fourest Raceway: Fourest Raceway has this double ramp part that might be challenging for people that don't have a speed boost or a sneaker to get through, not getting enough height for them. Not to mention your offroad on the track is entirely made of glue, really needing sneakers to boost through. I advise making all of that Offroad weaker so it can be bearable.

Overall, there are definitely some improvements here and there, and I think patching all of these out will really help the rating. I would give you a 2.5 Stars, but the website doesn't have that, so I can only give you:

2/5 stars
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Please read this thoroughly. There are a fair bit too many problems I have with this pack. I've shared this review on the Karts R Us discord in the past but I felt that this needs to be sent here as well.

I can try listing a couple of problems from the top of my head but im gonna make it simple and consise.

- The maps are too flat. Like more elevation would make it more interesting to play in, or atleast, make it interesting in your own way
- Signage issues
- signage is incredibly important in kart courses because most players cannot easily sightread a turn. or they're just stupid and you want to make them turn the right way. having no signs of what kind may leave players confused
- EXTREMELY bland and terrible decoration
- i shouldn't be saying this myself but atleast make your maps look *nice*. I don't think it's intentional that your maps look like it came from an Atari game.
- I know it's supposed to be based on bfdi but i feel like bfdi has a fair bit more detail than these
- and if you're directly taking from bfdi, that's kind of a bad idea. please have some creativity in how everything is decorated instead of directly taking art cues from bfdi.
- there are too many maps.
- There are too many maps, and not of them are that good.
- If you're making a first time map pack, i highly recommend limiting your scope. and focus on quality, not quantity!
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Welcome to releases. While I'm sure you can have some fun races on them, these maps are pretty rough around the edges. Pretty flat, tough readability, invisible spring panels... there's definitely some work still needed here. But there's also some potential, and I hope to see you keep improving as you continue your mapping career. Keep it up!
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