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It's my first time creating my new character mod!
These guys are dummies that can hop around Sonic Robo Blast!​

Reina Riu

The heroic super girl that can fly around in mid-air!

Rueben Rubio

The scarfed super helmet boy that can do double jumping!

Made using Inkscape and SLADE. Lol! :-)
HAVE FUN and Enjoy!​
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Latest updates

  1. Reina & Rueben are now updated to Version 3!!

    Idle sprites are added and female scream sound for Reina when fall to death.
  2. Roll sprites lowered down

    Lowered down the offset till 38.
  3. Ability Replacement + Improvement Config

    Reina can now hover in mid air. Rueben can now double jump. Improvement changes on Profile texts.

Latest reviews

Doing! Doing! I had fun doinging with these dudes, although getting through a whole game with nothing but a jump might not be entirely feasible lol
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Alright, I would like to provide my honest review. Please don't take this as a harsh criticism, as practice can lead to improvement! I will also be categorizing their moves and sprites for the rating.

Moveset 2/5: It's decent. Reina's double jump is helpful for maintaining speed around obstacles and platforming. However, I did notice a boost mode that happened once, but I couldn't figure out how to activate it again. As for Rueben, I feel like there is no point in playing as him, as Reina has a better ability. I also observed that Rueben's jump is a few frames faster than Reina's, which may not make a significant difference, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Design 1/5: I will discuss the design of the characters first, and then the sprites. To be honest, these designs and color palettes are not very appealing. Reina's design is visually overwhelming and the colors seem random and not cohesive. Rueben's design is slightly better, but the color palette could be improved to enhance cohesiveness. The pure green arms also appear a bit strange and out of place.

Sprites 1/5: Where should I begin? The sprites are too small, which gives them a low-quality appearance. They seem to have been drawn in another program and then heavily compressed, resulting in blurry and unclear visuals. The animations are also rigid. When running, the characters barely move, and there aren't even running sprites - it's just the walking animation sped up.

Conclusion 1/5: Overall, the mod needs improvement. However, I believe there is potential for enhancement. Take your time when creating things and make sure to take breaks. It's important to give it your all while also pacing yourself. Consider having a few people playtest and provide feedback. Returning to my thoughts on this mod, I have to say it's not great. Better luck next time, I suppose.
Thanks for your review of my first character mod but actually I felt nervous about making this so... here are the reasons of why did I try to make this is that...

1. For the moveset, I didn't change or modify because I don't know how to deal with Lua files.

2. For the design, they're very heroic as I try to make more even colourful but not as bad as either. As for them, they're different genders.

3. For the sprites, I actually make PNG vectors that I'm not good at pixel art spriting either.

The final verdict is making character mods are too advanced for me because I don't know how to make pixel sprites causing many paint bits animate incorrectly.

Hope you read my reply lol!
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