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"Fang 2 is pretty pogger you should try it" -Sun Tzu, the art of match

Have you ever looked at the Fang boss battle and thought "damn i wish i could throw bombs too"?

No? Well heres a mod for that anyway.

He can throw bombs using custom 1, these bombs are thrown in an arc forward and will explode on contact, the speed can also be changed using weapon previous and next (scrolling up and down)

another ability that he has is the quick stop, where you can press custom 2 to temporarily stop all your momentum and get it back again when you release custom 2

he also has a passive ability where he jumps (and bounces) higher when you go faster, and he has an increased top speed.

yeah so if you couldnt tell this is basically just an Alt Fang
the bad at naming guy
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gotta hand it to you, this is a surprisingly fun expansion of fang's moveset. not anything ground breaking, but little touches like the bomb throw redirecting fang's speed and multiability on the bounce make it a pretty smooth experience all things considered. nice job!
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