your favorite brazilian youtuber? (for people who are from brazil)


hey! matty here!

i have a question for everyone from brazil!

what's your favorite brazilian youtuber?

mine is brksedu, natan por ai, lobo azul, tazercraft, planeta sonic, rk play, um gamer nostalgico, studio b animacao, hagazo, etc.
funnily enough, I mostly prefeer watching youtubers that are not brazilians, but I still enjoy Felps a lot (if you can consider that, since he is mostly streaming on twitch, but I still watch his videos on youtube), and viniccius13 since his content never really changed, just cool redstone series and stuff

Stardust Dragon

A Rising Dragon
Honestly, if we continue our discussion in Portuguese we'll get banned... Anyway: Colonia contra ataca, dava jonas, matando matheus a grito, gemaplys e engine lobo (also I recommend mostrobolso series)

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