Why do you like SRB2?

I like it because in my opinion, SRB2 is good as official, the visuals, the music, the graphics, the everything!
And also mod support lol.


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I like srb2 for loads of things... The passion... the visuals... the controls... the mods... And the community... This game has the best community ive legit ever seen! Thats why i made this message board account your looking at, and ive been playing and following this game after i started to grow to like it! This game makes me happy and anything that makes me happy right now would give me lots of pleasure. This game is some how really nostalgic to! It kinda looks like a wii game or a homebrewed wii game. (i use to play wii) I remember seeing this game when it was in 2.1 or even earlier when i was younger i think and shrugged it off but now that i have the device for that i gave it a try and honestly at first i didnt really enjoy it... The controls were a massive issue, later though i got Accustomed to the controls and when i poured more time thats when i really started to like this game! I have so many mods that my device is kinda running out of space, i played online alot i played the normal game a good amount!!! The game is just perfect! Srb2 is the type of game i like! One with a hell of a good community good gameplay passionate developers and nostalgic visuals! Srb2 (in my opinion) is one of the best fan game's of all time! (Sorry if there was some bad grammar i was kinda tired when writing this, i edited it a little and i might do it a couple more times.)
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Srb2 is great because not only how good the graphics are and their amazing updates, but it's history. As a dude who's always curious I imagine Srb2 is like an 20-year long movie. Their history is amazingly addictive and leaves me in a place where I want to know more about the community. I started at 2.2.4, but still play Archive Srb2 such as 2.1, 2.0, and 1.09.4. Most times I even looked at way back to find downloads from archive srb2 because the 1.09.4(-)'s links are dead. Last time I search for history I read SSNTails' final message when 2.0 came out. Next, I'll try and find why Sonikuu left. Back to topic... There are other cool things like the netgames, easy to make your own addons, and some fun gametypes like tag! Match must die though... There are other reasons why I like Srb2, the story, gameplay and nice people to hang out with! But it's possibly best to leave at that.


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Liked it for ringslinger.

Thats the reason i started to play it. Overtime i checked out the single player... mods... OLDC and so on and then i joined the community.

Nowadays, its just nice to create something, in my case, maps.

I been playing srb2 for a while and to see it grow like this is amazing.
Because I love 3D platformers, and SRB2 is the only one that combines strict obstacle-course platforming challenges with the open-world-lite level design of collectathons. Sometimes other games insert a linear platforming section in a middle of an open world, such as in Bowser's Fury. But SRB2 is the only one that integrates the two, where the obstacle course is also the world that you explore.

I wish there were other games like it, and there are a small handful of other good examples (Spyro 1 gets pretty close at times), but SRB2 does it the best.


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I enjoy SRB2 for a lot of reason, first of all its just a fun 3D platformer its like an lost Sega Saturn game that never came to be. the community is absolutely amazing with everyone's hard work with mods, there always seem to be a new mod popping up everyday which always keeps me coming back. if their isn't a mod for me to play there's always multiplayer its just fun to go through the games levels with other people or just goofing around it never gets old. I also love the history of this game I've only found out about SRB2 a year or 2 back I love seeing how this game involved to become what it is now it just amazing. there's some much fun and enjoyable things about SRB2 I think ill never stop loving it :)


The reason I love SRB2 is not just the fact that it's a fangame designed to emulate the classic gameplay in 3D, or the fact that it looks like the Saturn game we never got, It's super moddable, thanks to being built on the DOOM Engine. These can range from a simple sound/music replacement, to changing up absolutely everything to the point where it feels like a brand new game entirely.

Also, Special stages based on NiGHTS, and the stages themselves being themed after the main zones. These are easily the best special stages in any Sonic fan game.
Arid Canyon Zone is super fun, too. It's my favorite zone in the base game.

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It's official-looking now, and it's a pretty faithful recreation of Classic Sonic's design philosophy in 3D, and is just getting even more faithful in 2.3. Also the major mod support.


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In historical order: free 3D Sonic game on my potato computer, liminal spaces and game jank (ty 2.0 for getting me hooked on those two things specifically), mods, 2.1 update, more mods, 2.2 update, even more mods. I ate it all up, I still do. My interest in the game over the last 7/8 years has gone from curious exploration of a weird and interesting Doom project, to full blown enjoyment of a well-executed platformer. SRB2 is one of my most played games of all time, likely only second to Minecraft


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i enjoy srb2, for the sole fact that it's srb2. it's a freakin' sonic the hedgehog platformer runnin' on doom legacy. and it's great, with solid level design, visuals, music, the works! it easily tops what sega's doin' these days, altho that's not really sayin' much considering literally every [or at very least, all that i've heard of] fangame does such. but this does it all, with an aesthetic of being the saturn game we never got. and the modding community, they're excellent, even tho i was banned a very while bacc, bacc when i was in the server, the members of them were sweet 'n cool, and i honestly respect 'em for calling out my bullshit rather than just have me continue. my favorite version of this entire project would be 2.1, and that would be more or less 'cuz i have more fun with 2.1, and how 2.1 and below, it kinda oozes that fan-made project vibe more and i kinda like that, while 2.2 and onwards feels as if it's trying to act like an official sonic project [and in that, they succeed i say]. idk, i just kinda like fan-made vibe SRB2 more, it kinda gives it it's own personality, in a way [and i sure am looking forward to SRBX seeing as that brings bacc the SSNTails artstyle and overall vibe of demo-2.1, while using models instead of sprites]. either way, i feel as if this is enough of a paragraph, yea i love srb2, but like demo-2.1 srb2 more. i just can't wait for the 2.2 update of the past [pls contact me if that's been out already, i kinda lost touch with the actual community side of this fangame ever since i was erased from the server]


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Well what I like the most is its resemblance to Sonic Adventure and the good level design but there are also other things like the fact that Fang was in the game which is one of my favorite characters or the soundtrack which is one of my favorites in any game in general

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I like it for the amazing mod support it has and the and the co-op splitscreen,and i also love how the community is still active even if the game is like 20 years old i dont remember much,but i would like it more if there would be an option to add more addons like 2.1


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I think SRB2 is the best take on classic Sonic in 3d. The game is just amazing. Everything that composes the classics are in SRB2, the level design, the ambientation, the colors, the music. The way the characters control is also very interesting, it takes a while to learn, but it's very rewardable to master because the player has total control of the character and can do incredible things. And to top it all, the SRB2 is still in development, so more things will be added to make it even better.

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