What's your opinion on Sonic Prime and Frontiers?


I finished Sonic Prime, and I got Sonic Frontiers for Christmas. I played some of Sonic Frontiers, and it's cool. What's your opinion on those both things?
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They're both "really good but still not quite there" in my opinion. Prime has some funny moments and some decent action and drama, it's enjoyable. However, I feel like there's still a lot of untapped potential that later seasons might be able to tap into better. Frontiers is super fun, but still feels slightly unsatisfying in retrospect, like something is missing. Maybe the later updates will change my mind, but so far it feels more like a decent launchpad for future games to innovate off of rather than a totally satisfying standalone product.


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Amazing. No other words. Definitely cool to se sonic content above mediocre after forces came out. Since then it was mostly collections and remakes.
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Amazing. No other words. Definitely cool to se sonic content above mediocre after forces came out. Since then it was mostly collections and remakes.


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I basically feel that Frontiers almost gets it right. Combat and exploration are generally fun but are held back by certain design flaws. The environments are interesting, but the atmosphere is detracted away from due to framerate issues, rendering quirks, and cookie cutter platforming segments that don't blend well with the rest of the environment. There are a lot of things about Frontiers that irk me, like counters being an easy-win strategy for half the game's enemies, Chaos Island being poorly designed, and certain aspects of the game's control being disjointed and uncomfortable. Additionally the Switch has very noticeable framerate issues in certain spots. It's something of a minor miracle that this game even made it onto the Switch at all.

There are a lot of ways in which the game definitely feels rushed, and it turns what could have been a really fun game into a decently fun game. It's alright, but there are definitely some things about it that I think Breath of the Wild and other open world / -esque titles do better.

What I will say to Frontiers' credit: their boss battles are probably the best to date for multiple reasons, but -- without going into any spoilers -- the major fights nail the pacing and strategy you would want to see from them, and they are unquestionably stylish. It also needs to be stressed that the soundtrack is phenomenal, and the storyline is honestly rock solid. Frontiers succeeds in its more serious tone where titles like '06 failed, and I'd argue most of this comes from Flynn's ability to juxtapose the more cartoony elements of the Sonic franchise's characters with the game's central themes of loneliness, isolation, etc. It also helps that the dialogue and English VO performances were also well done, which is praise I can not give to Breath of the Wild.


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I'd agree with clairebun on Frontiers. I REALLY enjoyed it as I've been wanting an open world Sonic for basically as long as I've known Sonic's existence. The only gripes I have with the game is the physics. I do feel like momentum would improve traversal immensely. Not to mention improving Sonic's air mobility in cyberspace. Good lord is the air mobility horrible in cyberspace levels. But everything else was really great. Not outstanding per say, but still really good. Also, dude. The stones that fling you a mile into the air really need to be fixed. It's definitely one of those games that fans love at first but hate in a year or two.

As for Prime, I'd say 'bout the same. Sonic's personality seems a bit off. But I'm a big fan of Tails. His voice-actor captures "8-year-old genius" more than Colleen IMO. The story is quite interesting. Sonic's voice-actor seems to be a combination of all the Sonic voice actors too, and I'm a fan. He's got the snarkiness of Jaleel and Ryan, but the friendliness of Roger. The animation is also incredibly expressive. Definitely continues the trend of 3D animation emulating 2D. I'd also hope for something involving a western shatter-space in the future. Overall, really good as well.
I do think The Grim will have a role in the upcoming seasons of Prime. Not sure what, but it has the potential to be a big spot for a final battle or something.

They're both quite good but also have some quirks that need ironing.


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Sonic frontiers
At least not bad
After sonic colors ultimate is the best thing to play!

Sonic prime
Looks Like new sonic day off.
New adventures
New worlds
New girls ( U wU)


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Sonic Frontiers was a really enjoyable experience. It felt nice playing an actually good Sonic game after Forces and Origins.Cyberspace levels were quite a cool addition to show few locations from Sonic's history like Sky Sanctuary and few more.Exploration was great,and there were even references to Riders and IDW Comics. The updates that are coming through this year are making this game even better: New Characters, Challenge Modes,and a lot more to see. And not to mention the Boss Fights: This are the most intense boss fights i seen in a hot minute.
I would overall give Frontiers 9.5/10,there are few flaws with upgrading and fishing with Big was quite boring to do,but still prefect.

Sonic Prime was ok. I did liked the plot of Sonic going through diffrent Shatterverses were the world he lived are completly diffrent.Alternative versions of already known Sonic characters make them feel like they are entierly own thing.Altrough,i do wished we had more of them in Season 1,because each part of the season was having 3 episodes each (except the Pirate Shatterverse which had 2 episodes) and the entire Season having 8 total.According to Sega, Sonic Prime is canonical to the Sonic franchise,meaning there are a LOT of possible predictions for Season 2. My favorite ones are the inclusion of Silver & Blaze like in Sonic 06 when they worked together, Chaos Council making a certain popular robot version of Sonic, and even maybe,but just  maybe, the inclusion of Classic Shatterverse including Classic Sonic characters.Im not giving this a rating,though. The more is about to come soon,so i will wait until the cartoon aires its final season.


hey y'all just a quick little update about prime, i think sonic's world still exists and its in a hidden shard. thats what i think about the ending of sonic prime


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Only partially into Frontiers despite getting it the day before Launch, and it's great so far. I've gotta go through the rest of it sometime. :P
And I have no right to hold an opinion on Prime because I've never watched it.

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