What's your favorite sonic music? (And SRB2 music)


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Arid canyon act 1, deep sea zone, and press garden act 2, is love is life.
Fun fact: Deep Sea zone's music is based off of eco the dolphins "open sea" level music in that game.
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As for regular Sonic music, it’s a very hard tie between Stardust Speedway (All variations), Big Arm, Egg Reverie, Hydrocity and Death Egg Robot.

As for SRB2, it’s another tie between Metal Sonic Race, Vs. Brak, and Arid Canyon Zone Act 1.

You can probably tell that I’m a fan of mostly Boss music, but this was compiled without acknowledging lyric based songs as regular Sonic music

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When it comes to Sonic in general, Live and Learn is my favorite song by far, but outside of songs with lyrics, it's a tie between Quartz Quadrant (Present), Bright Sound (Dry Lagoon) and Blue Star (Casinopolis).

In terms of SRB2, Both acts of Egg Rock zone are on the exact same level for me of my number one favorite, and Haunted Heights is just barely behind those two.


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I don't really have a favorite when it comes to Sonic in general. I really like Rooftop Run, Metal Sonic's theme (bad future Japanese soudtrack) and Ice Cap Zone. I also like Mania's metallic madness themes a lot, Sonic's little rap in act 1 and Eggman's in act 2 are pretty cool in my opinion

However, Egg Rock 2 is my favorite of SRB2 without any doubt. I love the solos and the overall vibe of the song.
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Almost all Crush 40 songs; Sonic cd japanese OST (my favourite Stardust Speedway present and bad fututre) and Greenflower act2
Arid canyon act 1, deep sea zone, and press garden act 2, is love is life.
Fun fact: Deep Sea zone's music is based off of eco the dolphins "open sea" level music in that game.
Open Your Heart, Live and Learn, Crisis City, It Doesn't Matter (SA2), Aquatic Ruins, and Hydrocity Act 2.

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From official Sonic Games:
1. Tidal Tempest Present (Sonic CD JP/EU)
2. Live and Learn (SA2)
3. Press Garden Act 2 (Sonic Mania)

From SRB2:
1. Greenflower Zone Act 2
2. Speed Shoes
3. Arid Canyon Act 1


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Personally they would be believe in myself dreams of an absolution and the battle against the Egg Wyvern

As for Sonic Robo Blast 2 Egg Rock Zone act 2 Arid Canyon act 1 and I also like the sountrak of the battle against Black Eggman in version 2.0

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(when TGF Xmas Sonic for 2.2)
For Official Games:
Press Garden Zone Act 2,
Dreams of an Absolution,
Live and Learn,
Open your Heart,
Crisis City &
Living in the City

SRB2 & SRB1 (The Update counts):
All Midis Versions (except Robotnirock and the Green hill zone from Prequel)
The Arid Canyon Mashup made by SSNTails &
Knothole Coast Zone Act 1 & 2
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I am gonna say for srb2 and srb1 AND 2020 update
Knothole Coast Zone Act 1
Space Chase Zone
Greenflower Act 1
Castle Eggman Act 2
Arid Canyon (2.0 version)
Zero Ring (Demo 4 and 1.09 versions)
Emerald Stages (in all Versions)

for Sonic Games
Wave Ocean
Sunset Hill Act2
Emerald Coast
City Escape
Endless Possbility
Reach For The Stars
Planet Wisp
Sky Sacturary


hhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmm imy favorit
city escap
ice cap
green forest
casino park "wow"
frog forest
hang castle
egg fleet
mystic mansion
wave ocean
crisis city
aquatic base
rooftop run
planet wisp
tropical resort
aquarieum park

green flower zone act 2
techno hill zone act 1
arid canyone zone act 1 & 2


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The SRB2 v2.1 Metal Sonic theme (2.2 also) Egg Rock Zone Act 1, and Castle Eggman Act 1. As in mainstream Sonic games please don't I have too many favourites :devastation:


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I have an affinity for jazz, so a lot of my picks will lean in that direction.

A lot of Sonic Mania's original compositions are pretty ace -- particularly Titanic Monarch 1, both acts of Press Garden and the entirety of Mirage Saloon. Tee Lopes does a really good job of coloring the kind of soundscape and compositional flow you would expect from classic Sonic, but it's still distinctly his flare. Highlight for me is probably Mirage Saloon K -- kickass level and a massively overlooked iteration on the motif. Mania also has without a doubt my favorite Metal Sonic theme from any of the official games.

I feel like on the whole I prefer Sonic Adventure's soundtrack over SA2's, but the SA2 Sonic stages do have a lot of memorable themes, and Shadow's portion is solidly produced; that being said, I think Rouge's entire portion of the soundtrack is criminally underrated. Security Hall IMO is iconic as anything else in the soundtrack. Also shoutouts to Mad Space for its 7/8 shenanigans.

Sonic Unleashed has some fantastic music all around; probably my favorites are honestly just the hub world music (e.g. Apotos and Spagonia), but the real highlight has to be Arid Sands (Night). Absolute jam.

Last pick, The Wicked Wild from SatSR. This song slaps, and anyone who disagrees is cringe.


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Here are four tracks that I like the most and also randomly think about every few weeks

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