whats your favorite sonic 3 AIR mod?

Finally,i can let the mod list of my favorite Sonic 3 AIR hop into MB! Here are the mods as following:

1.Extra Slot Mighty and Ray
2.Pink Burner
3.Hard Times over Ice Cap Act 1
4.Fang The Sniper over Knuckles
5.D.A Garden Edition

Im relatively new to the Sonic 3 AIR community,so my list is short.But dont worry,just like my SRB2 Addons folder,Sonic 3 AIR Mods folder is gonna be filled with a LOT of mods,too.
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Eu gosto do mod Project Mario word
Extra slot amy, Blue sphere retry and the sonic orgins pack

and for a dose of you who don't know blue shpere retry its a mod that you can retry a speical satge ( Reminder when you have the mod on go to tweaks setting and make sure find speical stage opions tuggle on do not advance to next specal stage opions then it will work.)
CE+ Styled Sonic, Sawnic, 3D2D Shadow, Extra Slot characters, Ultimate Metal, 3D2D Characters, Smhedgehog USA/Cartoon Sonic, Spring Twirl, Cooler Sonic, Mania Sonic Deluxe, Mania Sonic Revised, Master System Sonic.
1 cartoonanimated22 sprites

2 extra slot characters

3 audio overhaul

4 blue spheres retry

5 ancient stone + egg man's revenge

All of these mods are some of my favorites and that's barely scratching the surface
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