Whats your favorite 3d sonic game?


Mine is sa1, i would say sa2 if it wanst for the fact the mech stages are SOOO slow and sonic feels pretty damn slow in sa2 compared to sa1, and it doesnt have the godly spamdash.


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Its a tough call between Sonic R (fight me), both of the Adventure games, Colors, and Generations.


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If you mean fully 3D, then I've only ever played Heroes. But if you mean 3D how it normally is, then I'd say Colors.

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Casi no eh jugado juegos de sonic en 3D así que no puedo decir ninguno


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Mine is Sonic Adventure for Dreamcast, not the Dx version, as it makes several aspects of the game worse and creates several bugs that didn't exist in the original release.


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we can technically say Sonic Frontiers now but i haven't played it so i'll stick to Sonic Heroes due to the large amount of characters we have (though i recognize the game has some bugs that are annoying specially on Rail Canyon lol)

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