What's In Store For v2.2.10(Back Open)

oldc levels foliage furnace , oasis palace
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not super only for tails but for everyone, like the better super forms addons


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A question, isn't this basically the suggestion thread SSNTails made? But instead of asking it's more predicting?


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that wont happen, not even in 2.3 (Especially shadow, i could see why stjr. dont want modern characters)
true but maybe characters less modern, ray, mighty, maybe modern sonic could make sense as maybe a sonic forces thing happend but the other way around


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I could see Ray or Mighty, just prob not on 2.2.10, as its most likely to be a smaller update with bugfixes and more lua funcions


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Dont mean to be a downer but most of the time, the 2.2.X versions are just patches that consist of:
  • First and foremost, fixing bugs.
  • Adding new Lua functions or tweaking them to make modding easier or just open new doors.
  • Optimization
Very, very rarely has a patch added new content. In fact, the update that added in Marathon Mode and Super Knuckles is like, the single example of actual ""new"" content added in a patch. So I would advise to avoid hyping up features or even character/map additions to a 2.2.X version. Mostly so yall aren't disappointed when 2.2.10 ends up consisting of bug fixes. If anything, 2.3 will be the update to add new content at all.
However, I'd be glad to eat my words and be proven wrong. New content is always fun.

As for the actual thread topic, I think it'd be neat to make hidden mod characters and have them be unlocked by a certain milestone. Yes I know S_SKIN has Availability but afaik you have to set up a custom unlock data file. Like, what if you could set it up so you, for example, have to beat the game with X mod character to unlock Y mod character? I dunno, I think it'd be fun.
And personally I think it'd be neat for the vanilla characters to get SKID frames, though that might be a reserved for a future, bigger update.
hidden addon characters would be an awesome option to have, i remember an idea being thrown around about a custom character being unlocked through a boss fight with them. i'm not the biggest fan of that idea for solo character mods since i'd rather jump right in to gameplay but for addons with bonus unlockable characters within the mod that would be a great way to introduce the already unlocked character's mechanics.

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