What is your favorite console?


I might get some hate for this but for me its the Wii U. It has all my favorite games Mario 3D World, Smash 4, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Splatoon, and Mario Kart 8. While the Wii U didn't do well in terms of sells it still has some of the best Nintendo games.


Not bad. Well, here goes our collection of SNES games. Not as many games as you have but we still had a ton of fun with all of those SNES games way back. But the probably most valuable game in our collection is this one: "Starwing Competition" and on top of that it is the german version wich is super rare and costs at least 600€ if you are lucky. But the funny thing is that my brother bought it for about 10 DM (Deutschmark, about 20€) on a flea market. That is like the most fortune thing that can happen to a collector. We also have the Super Nintendo mouse with its pad and a strategy guide for Secret of Mana and Terranigma, also on german (Image). Most of the games still have their original box in a like new condition because they are just lying around somewhere on our attic in a box. Sadly I can't (or won't) take any pictures of the original boxes because I don't know where exactly those boxes are on our attic and I won't go and search for them.
I've always wanted a proper cartridge of Terranigma, but being PAL and super-expensive prevents that. On the other hand, I get to play Japanese games on my system and 60 fps, so I guess I can't complain too much about the one translated game outside my system's reach.

While the games I bought as a child still have the box and manual, for the most part my collection is cartridge-only, as I care way more about playing them than resell value. Buying cartridge-only games is cheaper, so that's the route I go on my budget.

Also, Macross Scrambled Valkyrie came in right before the blizzard, so collection +1. Yay for late birthday presents.

Why do you have two copies of Link to The Past?

What is the purpose of this?
I was given a friend's collection years ago. He also had a copy of LttP, so that gave me two. I actually also have a Japanese copy I picked up for dirt cheap in Akihabara, so I have three copies of LttP. Go figure.

Also, I have no idea how many hours I've sunk into Metroid Prime Pinball - I'd still be sinking more into it, if I hadn't lost it years ago.
Considered just getting another copy? About $9 cartridge-only from Amazon with shipping: http://www.amazon.com/Metroid-Prime-.../dp/B000BD8FXU
Buying used games has gotten so much easier nowadays thanks to the internet. I still can't get over how trivial it is to buy Japanese games from 20 years ago.


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For me, I'm gonna have to say the Wii U. The Wii U, even though it's not the best console, was something that actually kind of changed me.

The Wii, also one of my favorite consoles, was something that I was all over for a good while, and I still play from time to time each day, because of the Virtual Console games I have left over on it. The game that I enjoyed the MOST on the Wii, though, was Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

I was pretty big on Smash, so naturally, I wanted a Wii U immediately when Smash Bros. for Wii U was announced in E3 2013.

And when I got a Wii U in February 2014, quite a few months before Sm4sh came out, I was still all over it. It was all the tiny things about it that I loved. I loved its menu, I loved its Internet Browser, (a huge improvement over both the Wii's and the 3DS', and something that I've used for many, many hours) I even loved Miiverse, although it's gone down the drain these days.

Another thing that I did with my Wii U was play my old Wii games, which I was A LOT better at now that I was older (12 when I got my Wii U). I completed Super Mario Galaxy for the first time on a Wii U. I beat the Subspace Emissary for the maybe FOURTH time on a Wii U. I almost 100%-ed Sonic Colors on a Wii U. Many memories were made from old experiences with my Wii U.

I should also mention that I got Super Mario 3D World. I lost it in June 2014, but the small amount of time I had with it was one of my favorite Mario experiences. (Though, nothing can top Super Mario 64).

When I did finally get Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, my dream was accomplished, and the Wii U definitely became my 100% most-used console. I have played Smash Bros. for over a year, and the matches I've faced were some of the most intense things that I've experienced.

Sure, the PlayStation 4, the Nintendo 3DS, and all those other consoles may be more popular and have more games, but I'm fine right here with my Wii U. (I actually got a Nintendo 3DS XL in Christmas 2015, and I was quite underwhelmed.)


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For me, I'm gonna have to say the Wii U.
Honestly, the Wii U is the console I enjoy the most out of this current generation. It's a shame people abandoned it. My PS4 is a rather attractive dust collector, but the Wii U gets nearly as much game time, if not more than my PC.

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My favorite console happens to be the Sega Dreamcast. I love the design of the system, nothing can beat the Dreamcast appearance! I also love the VMU on it, and additional points go to the Dreamcast for Sonic Adventure 2

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Is that a joke CobaltBW? Mine is the Wii U because I love Nintendo. I get to play my 50+ Wii games plus a handful of Wii U games including Super Smash Bros for Wii U! That's a bargain!
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My favorite consoles are:

Nintendo Wii
Wii U
Nintendo Ds
Nintendo 64.

But my most favorite console is Wii U.


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^Same here. Considering the Wii U was a commercial failure it doesn't detract from the excellent library of games.

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Hate to admit it but..... I'm a Xbox 360 veteran, all I have to say is- Remember Reach.
I hate admitting it because whenever I hear anything related to the Xbox 360 I get a nostalgia attack and then proceed to cry in the corner of my room for 3 hours, it's sad knowing that Microsoft wants to make everyone switch over to the Xbox one and have gone to extremes to try to complete said thing which has recently peaked because Microsoft recently removed all the Xbox 360 indie games which is totally outrageous.
So I'mma go cry in a corner about all the old indie games that I miss in the corner of my room for about 3 hours now.
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Idk what to tell, i just had a Wii and a 2DS on my life, but i always dreamt with having a Wii U... until Smash Ultimate came around, and now i want a Switch more; i bet it'd end up being my favorite console due to its portability, as i'm a person that would like to Switch from TV to portable a lot

But if it's just the ones i have played on--- it would definitely be the Wii because it's the one that has been with me the longest time and the one where i got the most memories from

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My Favorite is the Wii, it was the first ever home console I had back in 2011 before I got a hand me down playstation 3 which was also really fun to play with
I enjoy the Xbox 360, have many memories of it playing Kinect sports and Minecraft I still have it today it also have a huge game library and a bunch of sonic games and its the console witch I first play s3&k witch is now my favorite game

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