what is your custom title?

Mine's because i call myself the Sapphire Blur (yes i can speedrun) and because my name in netgames, "Bluen't" references Cobaltn't 's and i am a friend of him so... yeah
Ah, no one wants to see an idiot like me that appeared out of nowhere. I guess. Also I'm kind of afraid I might do something wrong on here, so yeah.
I may have changed my custom title cuz I kinda abandoned the original backstory of my main OC. Now I'm a project created on another world.
"The Observer", previously "The Outsider", is a reference to my state of being as someone who observes other people & phenomena online, but hasn't been able to forge connections to said phenomena or people.

Eventually, when I experienced one too many occasions of losing connections I forged when I was a child as a result of circumstances, I came to rationalize it as people coming & going, molding me into a figure that comes & goes in turn. Even now that I'm about 10 % more involved, I might just slip away at a moment's notice, rarely giving a reason why.

It is also a reference to a term from a certain video game series where by acknowledging the existence of someone, observing them, people or entities that would otherwise be dead, unnatural or otherwise not supposed to exist can be made to exist. That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the overly complicated plot in that franchise, by the way.
Mine is cuz my default answer for everything is "I dont know"
(Reference to a condition I have to deal whit daily)

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