What Happens If You Play SRB2 Christmas 0.96CD On A CD (music) Player?


i usually regret a bunch of decisions.
I was wondering, what would happen if you put srb2 christmas in a cd player?
i was looking at the sega cd warning and i thought about it to myself.
so which way does it go?
is game data on track 1?
or can it play the songs from the demo?
if you have the cd, please tell me, i would like to know!
Only two or three people currently are known to own a copy of the original CD that was handed out (those being Rlan, SSNTails, and Sonikku (though he's unsure)), so I'll answer this question for them instead:

A common way to play CD Audio back then was to have them on separate tracks (i.e. different areas of the disc itself). The only thing that would happen if you put the disc into a CD player is that the music would play from track 2 to the last track (whichever that would be) that's audio data only.

The first track is always ignored or will playback literally raw binary data (which wasn't meant to be read in audio form).

Oh, and here's a bonus, straight from SSNTails himself:



that seems like the answer, since i did hear it also came with the soundtrack, too.

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