Thoughts on sonic battle (gba)


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Ok first off ( first thread yay hope I'm not violating any rules 👀)
Secondly what are your thoughts on sonic battle like

And overall thoughts

My thoughts are:
Its an ok game very difficult at certain times pretty good character selection and story and really its just a great fighting game
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Btw if I kept explaining why I like this game we Would be here forever tbh
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It was a neat experiment, even if its core gameplay and story mode had some glaring issues. Sonic has always had some pretty neat robot designs, and Emerl is no exception.
Sonic Battle is my favourite Sonic visual novel.

I have very fond memories of the story writing and how all the characters were portrayed, its kinda everything I just want to see in the franchise again, like Amy's whole arc basically shows these characters are more than just blank slates doing the bare minimum for storytelling, they have lives, things they do in their own time and you get a glimpse into some of that despite most of the story being a wild goose chase over Emerl (which does get pretty funny at times though)

I did play a bit of the game again like last year and the Gameplay is pretty alright, I do wonder if it could be expanded on today, it's just kinda hard to come back to when so many other things are more engaging for me right now.

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I've mentioned before, but I find the game itself to be rather repetitive and grindy, but the storytelling is great and I can see a lot of potential for improvement within the gameplay if they ever made a sequel someday.

I feel like if they ever revisited the idea of this kind of game, they would benefit from nixing the top down view in favor of a behind the character view and expanding the potential complexity of the stage design. There should be interactivity with loops, walls, slopes, etc. The original game made use of Emerl as a sort of customizable character that learns from fighting other characters and adopts their moves as their own. This feels like free real estate to make use of the custom avatar system from Sonic Forces in a follow up. Create and visually customize your character and have them unlock more moves over time based on other Sonic characters. Maybe even introduce a Dragon Ball Xenoverse style mentor system in which you get tutored by the characters directly to learn their moves? Would be better than grinding fights with them over and over until you get the attacks you want at least.

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I really enjoyed playing this game but yeah sometimes it's difficult
Btw it's an awesome title for the GBA , sprites are awesome , moves and techniques are good ....

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