Thoughts on Palworld?????


Honwy is cooilo dudey
You prob seen this game's discourse on Twitter but I'm not bringing that shit on here, I'm ONLY talking about the game ITSELF (so, pls no dumb "drama", it's annoying and it's missing the point of this thread).

But here's my thoughts on the game, first of all, the actual game is weirdly actually pretty good???? like it's actually combines the farming, architecture and first-person shooter with cute looking monsters and somehow made it work, I actually respect the devs for this shit alone and making stand out from all the Pokémon-like rip-offs (I'm talking about you Digimon and Yo Kai Watch) Hell, I can't even call this game a rip-off as it's go against what a rip-off is actually is,

So overall, 8/10 game at best and I'm not going to be touching Pokémon again, unless they make Legends Arceus 2 (aka never lol)
I plan on giving it a go.

Experience has taught many times that when everyone seems to agree that something sucks, it normally doesn't.
It's pretty fun honestly. It can basically be summed up as what you'd get if you took Pokemon Legends Arceus, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Factorio/SatisFactory, and ARK and just put them in a blender for 5 minutes. It's still early access at the moment which might be why there's not really much of a story, but just exploring around catching and training Pals and upgrading your base is pretty fun especially with friends. The difficulty is also super customizable, so it's got a lot of accessibility and can generally be as forgiving or punishing as you want it to be.
All of the arguments about plagiarism and AI aside, the one thing I think Palworld succeeds at is lighting a fire under Gamefreak's ass. People are clearly not happy with the current state of Pokemon, and the success of Palworld speaks to that.

I think if Scarlet and Violet had been a slam dunk - that is, released without all of the technical issues - we wouldn't even be having this conversation.

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