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The Main Application

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It's Mr. Computer!
Why do people always ask that? Do they think this game was made with Klik & Play or something?


Yes, FoxBlitz. I think most people think programming is on some magically higher field that only professional game developers can do, or something like that. They see "fangame" and they wonder how the hell we got TGF to do this =P


Actually, it'd take some work, but applications like Game Maker 6.1 and MMF could easily do better than SRB2 graphics-wise, it's just the gameplay that kicks ass in the game.
That's partly because SRB2 needs more sprites. For a 2D game to have exactly the same animations as SRB2, they would need 34 (if mirroring is used a la SRB2) frames for Sonic alone. SRB2 needs over 100 more frames and that's including mirroring.

Princess Plushima

Princess of Dreams
I don't think that most people even realise that programming is done by writing code rather than a graphic interface.
Though his question raises one I'd like to ask, what compiler does SSN use anyway?
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