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Super Mario Bros. World 1 - 1 (2.1 Port) 1.0

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Super Mario Bros. World 1 - 1 (2.1 Port) - Let's-a Go!

The World 1 - 1 from the classic Nintendo game, comes back to SRB2 in this port from 2.1 to 2.2!

This map contains:

-Fully working 2D Mode
-Items, Power-Ups and Enemies
-Underground segment just like the original level
-Adapted for Vanilla characters

-Redy (Original Level Creator)
-Me (Porting the level and bugfixing)
-SRB2 Server (Helping me with linedefs and stuff)

this is the first thing i do with Zone Builder, so it would...

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I think it'd be pretty cool to see the entirety of the original Super Mario Bros. on the NES be recreated in SRB2. Someone already did that for Super Mario 64 (a ROM Hack known as Super Mario Bros. 64, which recreates the NES original near perfectly, exists), so why not SRB2?


Hello there, i appreciate your interest in my old map

This port makes a good job on bringing my original map to the newest version, it's perfectly playable the way it mas meant to be, however, i have some notes on things you could improve (idk if this things already come from the original map, i don't really remember if it was the case).

The level doesn't properly show up at the level select screen


I don't know if this is an issue that only affects me, but i can't actually select the level in the stage select screen.

When it appears, the picture it's all glitchy


Like before, i don't know if this is a general issue or it is just me, but i suspect this is because you used the old 2.1 picture rather than creating a new one. (if you're wondering how it appeared now, it does appear when i enter the level with the command map map32).

This error message

I suspect this one may be an error in the linedef that happened due to the change of versions, altho the music does reset to the normal overworld theme so idk if it's important

Suggestion about this block :)

This isn't an error or anything, i know very well this comes from the original 2.1 map, but i think (at least from what i saw in srb2 builder) that now 2.2 does actually feature an invisible block linedef, you could check into that so it could become accurate :).

Overall i love to see someone that had the interest on porting one of my old maps, but there is still job to be done it seems.

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