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Super Emeralds Mod

Metal Sonic, as you are aware, slowly descends back to the ground when he slows down too much, even when super. Maybe you could make it so he doesn't descend, even when he comes to a complete stop?


I haven't quite decided on his yet. He currently has no hyper form, but if you want, you can suggest some in comments.
I've got a good one. Whenever metal reaches fullspeed or gets fast enough an eletric force field surrounds him. It's will make him immune to space, lava, and of course badniks. but apon entering water like this will decrease your rings. won't kill tho.


I do sprite requests :P
I have an idea on a way to get the Super Emeralds...
Maybe you can randomize the location on the map of the Super Emeralds but not hide it in walls.
If that takes too much time... then try making new special stages?
Sorry but that's all I can come up with.

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