SRB2 v2.2.13 Released


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Posted by SeventhSentinel.

Our double whammy is now a triple whammy. Guess we needed one more release candidate, but we were just so excited to launch that we forgot. Here’s an update that makes netgames work correctly again, plus some bonus bug fixes and optimizations.

  • Fixed renderhitbox causing netgame instability
  • Fixed floorsprite rendering causing a possible crash if the sprite had a size of 1×1
  • Fixed hitbox interpolation when scaling mobjs
  • Optimized sprite rendering in the software renderer
  • Exposed skin.supername to Lua

More details about this changelog are on our GitLab. Grab the update from the usual place. See you soon with the REAL conclusion!

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Awesome, more reasons to get emblems, with how many emblems the game has being able to save progress with addons loaded and get emblems in netgames will make it much more fun to get them and give players more reasons to play the game in co-op
Can you please exclude the models in the patch releases? I understand putting it in the installer, as someone new can instantly be handed in models. But for the patchers it's just annoying having to take out my models and replace them. The first time this happened to me my models mix with the game's, making me have to go through and redownload every model pack I use.
I understand that there is somebody that wanted to download the patch and wanted models, but they should just be able to get it themselves as Jeck Jims has his own page for models.
The game does have a form of sprite culling now, which for some map packs is a rather big deal as it is a highly noticeable boost.

These performance improvements also help to make optimization a bit less of a chore for modders, thereby making it easier for those new to the scene to create something detailed and have it run smooth (as they may not have discovered many of the tricks yet).
You ain't the only one needing that. I need it to play the update, too.
Can you make an android port of 2.2.13 because I can’t see the list of servers
But the next update to SRB2 (which would most likely be v2.2.14) shouldn't release until next year. We don't want a repeat of how many patches v2.1 got, do we?
Posted by SeventhSentinel.

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I download the 2.2.12 patcher, I try to get into an online game but then I have to download the 2.2.13 patcher

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