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"i'm workin' on it"

firstly, yes, that was a chris chan reference you read.
secondly, i'm taking extra measures to make sure later builds don't end up a pile of dog-crap. this means i'll work on quality over quantity. in simple terms, the next build will be one step foward, two steps back.
since ssntails released the 2000 prototype's source code, i can quickly get an accurate view of the maps i'm trying to redesign. i MAY or MAY NOT release an april fools update, so get ready to laugh your ass off this april...

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PowerCD updated SRB2: Time On Mobius (Working Title) with a new update entry:

the tired update (not a new version)

my mental health (or it could be me just being tired) is draining and i wanna take a break. remember when i said i wanted to go "1 step foward, two steps back?" well, each update will most likely be adding a zone after this next one i'm working on, as to keep quality quality and to keep remastering my remasters. hopefully you'll understand. if you don't, i dare you to try and make an at least 2-level map pack as quality as the official game without messing up one time. maybe i could settle a...

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if i feel ready to work on this again: there are certain players who might want to use fast characters and speed through the currently public version, while some might want tighter levels so slow players don't get bored. what would benefit both sides in terms of level design?
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The team set a high bar for level design and I can see why it would feel tiring to try to meet that. The thing is though is that you should not let this discourage you from mapping now as people will play your levels regardless (with helpful feedback along the way).

You are not going to get to such a standard anyway on your first go-around (Sonic Team Junior has people with nearly 20 years experience), but if you're not using UDMF I recommend you switch to that ASAP as the more advanced tooling will help greatly with what you want to achieve.
these are the notes im keeping from the reviews to add to my levels:
Keep Spacious Areaadd more challenge for people who want to keep the speed.
gradually ramp difficultygreenflower = medium, robotnirock = hard as ass.
extend levelsmaybe add longer entrances and exits???
keep bright glare wont anger players
refer to old srb2 sketches to add ideasmaybe try learning soc or lua in order to make new enemies

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