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Srb2 Riders for 2.2 Development Logs

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Phew, I was worried since I don't use green resolutions.
do people actually use green resolutions? half of the green resolutions dont work with opengl
320 x 200 and 640 x 400 work, the other two are broken

Screen Resolutions that work in OpenGL list anyways cause why not
320 x 200
320 x 240
640 x 400 (which is just 320 x 200 but not ugly)
640 x 480 (which is just 320 x 240 but not ugly)
800 x 600 (which is just 640x480 but farther away)
1024 x 768 (which is just 640 x 480 but slightly farther away)
1280 x 720 (which is fullscreen or no border)
1366 x 768 (which is 1280 x 720 but slightly farther away)

I use opengl because it just is easier to play the game with to me, i dont find software more pretty or anything so yeah
and theres also the fact software just lags more on my computer
even the title screen lags when the resolution is above 640x400
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because thats how they're drawing the sprites. is it a problem they arent SRB2 styled? i think not! the sprites look great! but its fine if you feel differently about it.
The best part about the logs existing is that we have some developments confirmed to be happening.
Indeed we do. And I'm going to drop this tibit - while we are doing things in more Riders-style, SRB2 will have a place in it.

Speaking of...

The shoes on the sprites seem lacking, but if you asked me to do something like that I'd ignore it, because darnit i hate spriting
The web version of Srb2 has already died, and because Riders is lua based like any other mod, it goes down too. Mobile on the other hand is a mixed bag, we don't intent to support the mobile version
I'll gladly help out with making things work for mobile users. As a person who plays a ton of mobile myself some incompatibilities have been introduced with 2.2.9 android. As such some changes must be made to fix these small issues. Something I'd gladly help with.

Hope you consider this!
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That is an awfully rude reaction to someone else's work. I don't even know if SilverVortex is on the dev team for this or not, but if he is, then its him and the rest of the team's decision if he's in the base game or not, and you will just have to accept it.

To be a little more fair here, Kart technically does... In that there are clearly anime-inspired characters in bonuschars (which almost all servers add), but they are all tied to video games (or in Miku's case, SEGA software first, video games later), so they still make sense as Kart characters. Sonic has never strayed that far from anime either, with Adventure 1's humans clearly leaning towards anime, and Sonic himself being in two of them, Classic and Modern. Sonic hanging with some anime-esque folks is no stretch, and no real problem.
Miku actually belongs to crypton future media. Not SEGA. Crypton is responsible for miku's creation and the miku voicebank for vocaloid/piapro studio. SEGA DOES however has the rights to use Miku and the other cryptonloids (rin & len, Luka, meiko) in the project diva rhythm game series though. Just wanted to point that out.
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Hey everyone, just wanted to make a quick report on Srb2 Rider's development, at it's current state it's still isn't playable as summer had ended and school is underway development for many has began to slow, but we are making small progress time to time, hopefully we can show off something as soon as we are able to.

In the Meantime, stay free as the wind!
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