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srb2 2.2 dev footage be like
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you found the chaotix title screen map. ive did that too with other characters
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u h

riding tails when tails is swimming lol

please stop begging for my joke legacy pallete mod that i made for fun please.
how? is this some script you made or is it just script breaking
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Nah how did bro get in the game 😭🙏💀
Here is how to unlock Elmo:

You must have every Sesame Street Game downloaded into your hard drive, Own a tickle me elmo toy, have dvds of the entire sesame street series, (yes, all episodes) sing the theme song of sesame street, and start the game with an elmo wallpaper set on your pc. Once you open the game, go to the extras/password enter the password "lalalalalaelmosworld" and elmo will be unlocked and show up in the character select. Keep in mind that if you just directly enter the password i said without doing the steps above, the game will crash and it will not work!

Im joking though, likely he made it using kartmaker.

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