Sprites for Tails' Tails Sprites during Dash mode.

Are there perhaps any TAL## sprites that get used during the Dash mode state? Because I was going to make some for them to make something for a project.
…Tails doesn't have dash mode by default in this game (only Metal Sonic does), so he wouldn't have sprites for that unless you make them yourself (or ask someone else to do it for you).

Well, unless you're talking about the running state/running animation every character has when their current speed exceeds their runspeed threshold. But that isn't really a "dash mode".
No, I'm not talking about if tails has dash mode by default or about what threshold characters run at, what im trying to say is:

If i give a custom character the SF_DASHMODE tag that uses a followitem that is MT_TAILSOVERLAY, could it have sprites for the overlay when said character gets into the dash mode, or do I need to code said thing with lua?
So your basically saying if someone like Foxboy here has his tails spinning for his run, And you give him dash mode, Can you make Tails' Tails use their run animation whilst the host is in their dash mode state, Or must you make it happen manually with lua?
Still not what I'm trying to say, i'll make it simple.
I just want tails' tails to look different when dash mode is activated. Is that possible without lua or not?

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