Special Stages Thoughts and Criticism

I love the NiGHTS stages! I don't feel that they are that long. but if STJr were to replace the special stages I would like for the NiGHTS stages to be released separately as I do enjoy playing them.
One thing I noticed that I do upon subsequent playthroughs is avoid getting more than 1 medal per stage. In Sonic, the gap between stages being a special stage is a fun change of pace, but that gap lasting 2 or more stages can be a bit too long.

Not sure if there's a solution to this , but its my one real bit of criticism I have to offer.
Imagine the 2.5d of the special stages, combined with the pre 2.1 special stage, and boom, 10/10
One thought I've had for the special stages:

What about a complete visual overhaul?

They look great as is (sans the fire level's lack of visual clarity), but special stages in Sonic have always set themselves apart from the main game visually. The stages in this simply reuse theming from the existing levels. Are there any plans to change em up visually at all?
Man I used to love SRB2's special stages since I couldn't afford PC NiGHTS into Dreams, but after playing the real deal via SEGA 60th, it feels worse than NiD (not bad, but not as good imo).

Sonic can't turn as tightly as NiGHTS and the stages are a lot less dense in geometry and object layout, makes it a pinch more sluggish and cumbersome feeling than NiGHTS

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