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Lother submitted a new resource:

SD Virtua Racing Characters V1 - Race around the tracks as racer from the SEGA arcade classic.

You can already race around as an SD version of the Hornet and its opponents, now you can do it with the SD version of the cars from the SEGA arcade classic Virtua Racing.

Currently features:
-Two cars: The Single Player car and the Multiplayer variant.
-Sounds from the Arcade and Switch version.

Planned additions:

-The CPU variants of the car;
-more faithful engine sounds.

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Lother updated SD Virtua Racing Characters V1 with a new update entry:

KC_VirtuaRacingChars_V2 now available

What is new with that version:

-Fixed sprites for the Single Player and Multiplayer version of the cars for both V1 and V2;
-All 7 CPU color variations are now available in V2. V1 has been kept and updated for those who only want the SinglePlayer and Multiplayer variations.

What is left to do:

-Replacing the motor sounds by the ones that are played in the original Arcade game.

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