Fixed Score tally cannot be skipped if spin is mapped to mouse button

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I can't seem to skip the score tally anymore in 2.2.1 unless spin is mapped to a keyboard key. Additionally, I can see the mouse cursor during the results screen and main menu screens, and I can't use the mouse or mouse buttons to move and select menu items anymore.

Running the game on Windows 10 and software mode with no mods. Even tried using a fresh config file. I have a backup of 2.2.0 where I don't encounter any of these issues.

EDIT: I noticed just now that the 2.2.1 changelog indicates that releasing the mouse from the menus is a deliberate change. So I suppose this doesn't make most of what I wrote here a "bug," but the unskippable score tally still qualifies I think.
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The changelog fails to mention that the "alwaysgrabmouse" console variable is a toggle for the old behaviour. If you turn that on, you should be able to use the mouse in menus and other such situations, including tally screens.
Thanks for letting me know about that! I'm too used to using the mouse in menus especially since there are currently no WASD controls.
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