Saturn Dreams model pack

Saturn Dreams model pack V2.3


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copy the SD folder to srb2 folder (and models.dat)


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how to download this with jeck jims also installed?
You can't have two models for 1 character, but you can modify your own models dat file, perhaps replacing vanilla sonic model line with saturn dreams model, or adding the dreams model line for a character not supported by Jeck Jims.


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Not them but you can, just note it's meant for vanilla Sonic
you can place in on Alt Sonic for example, but because Alt has a third speed state instead of playing the running animation he'll just tpose because the model doesn't know what it's supposed to do in that situation.
I tried on a few Sonic's I had, Like Re Sonic works perfectly, Alt works fine when not at top speed, and Advance Sonic also works well except his bounce, he tpose for it for some reason.
and someone also placed it over neo sonic, don't know how well it worked, but that's something to keep in mind.
Hopefully that helped.
what words are the ones i need to give advance a model? i wanted to add one for him a long time ago


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Hes remaking the whole pack
Also he has to deal with irl stuff too like school so it will take a pretty long time

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