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Hello Everyone!

i Want to Know the Midi Instruments and Programs that are Used in the Old Versions of SRB2.
They make me Nostalgic for some Reason and i Want to Compose stuff With Them, Even if it Sounds Bad.

idk i just, like it, it has a Specific Feel to it...


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Well, that depends on what you mean.

Up until recently, MIDI tracks in SRB2 were forced to go through your computer's built-in MIDI synthesizer -- for most people this would be Microsoft MIDI Synthesizer (MSGS). I'm pretty sure a VST version of those instruments should be readily available online.

If you're talking about the ogg renders present in 2.1 and earlier, I believe those are rendered either using a Yamaha SW 1000XG softsynth or an MU100. I'd need SSNTails to confirm on that. There is an S-YXG50 VSTi you should be able to use; although it's not the same, many of its sounds have a similar quality.

If you're talking about the old old versions of SRB2, then I'm a little less sure. SoundBlaster and a lot of cheapo MIDI synthesizers tend to share a lot of the same instrument set. So you might be able to find a few things floating around, though I couldn't tell you for sure how you should look for it.


i Ended up Finding some Really Ancient CD or DVD with the Srb2 Soundtrack, that thing is Really Old, im Talking About These Instruments, also its Really cool that You Ended up Replying :mrgreen:
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Wait a Sec, i saw your Soundcloud and i think that Sample Contest Music you Made has the Samples i Want, idk it just Reminded me of That


Another Revelation had me Theorizing y'all used the Arachno MIDI SoundFont, i Found an SRB2 2.2 Music Remix using Said SoundFont and I Think that is It.

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